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Synonyms for animalize

Synonyms for animalize

represent in the form of an animal


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make brutal, unfeeling, or inhuman

become brutal or insensitive and unfeeling

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Consequently, it might be argued that in "Esme", besides criticising the speciesist approach of human beings against animals, Saki also deals with racism as the animalised humans are sometimes treated worse than animals by the speciesist human beings.
What remains unthought here, as elsewhere, is the possibility of an animalised philosophy that would reshape the very idea of philosophy itself--and with that our image of what is thought and what is pedagogic, be it human or nonhuman.
She moves away from the visual, a sense favoured within humanist identity, to a more refined and animalised sense of smell, touch and embodiment, where she is no longer disabled, no longer an outsider but lyrically embodies ferality:
In King's opinion, the press's hyperbolic representation of thugs as dehumanised and animalised anti-social beings was meant to "fuel moral panics" but, paradoxically, it also launched an "irresistibly fascinating" image for readers.
Whereas in Disneyland the animal characters (mice, dogs, ducks) are stripped of the alterity of their animality and are domesticated and anthropomorphised so as to create a magical affinity between humans and animals, in Guantanamo Bay the human prisoners are animalised in order to mark their preclusion from the legal category of (human) rights-bearing person.
Whereas in Disneyland the anthropomorphised animals have free run of the theme park, in Guantanamo Bay the animalised sub-humans are, in Suvendrini Perera's words, imprisoned in 'exposed chain-link pens more reminiscent of cages than cells' (2002: 2).
At once animalised (donkeys), disabled (cretin) and repeatedly branded by other Arabophobic slurs (camels, tired sheiks), the Muselmann can be effectively left to die without any sense of guilt or remorse.
Accompanying the animalised president (also referred to by the demeaning Zambian word "Muwelewele" which means a simpleton) were all kinds of animals like "monkeys dancing around in circles and wagging their bottoms each painted with a picture of the Great Elephant.
To reduce the complex matrix of world conflict to a kind of animalised hatred (the Gombe incident--where chimpanzees engaged in violent and antisocial activities--was itself artificially incited by humans rather than a natural occurrence) ignores completely the role of any kind of context the relation between local forces, larger regional rivalries, colonialism, international capital--and is reductive to say the least.
In large part, scholarship on biopower has focussed on its biologisation of human politics and the legal abandonment of animalised social groups, from terror suspects to refugees.
In Homo Sacer and his other, later political works, Agamben's main concern is with humanity animalised, stripped of the political dimension, reduced to the governmental administration of bare life, having lost the rights of citizenship or even the capacity for speech.
46) Women in this world were guardians of virtue, in contrast to the passionate or virile masculinity which celebrates the animalised man and which disparages 'civilization'.
In this sense, the iconographies of Dupain's photographs have their logical extension in the posters of the White Pride Coalition contrasting the ideal Aryanised body with the animalised body of the nonwhite.