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an act that makes people cruel or lacking normal human qualities

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(14.) Levinas's argument regarding the animalisation of humans through the anthropomorphism of animals is evident in this scenario, where a pejorative name assigned to denigrate a human community is assigned to denigrate a dog species that dwelt amongst them (Levinas in Fudge 2002: 7).
That objective has been greatly helped by Animalisation's billing as 'Album of the Week' on Radio Bahrain's Breakfast Show last week and the uploading of two of the tracks onto Youtube.
By drawing a parallel between the plight of the baboons and the oppressed races of apartheid South Africa, Kramer moves beyond the use of "animalisation", a process which, according to Ahuja (2009:557) "involves contextual comparisons between animals (as laborers, food, 'pests', or 'wildlife') and the bodies or behaviors of racialized subjects".
The most serious step was the animalisation of the Moriscos, their expulsion from humanity.
Operation onomastique (ou neo-onomastique), infantilisation, logement, mise au travail, mode alimentaire, animalisation, controle des rapports de sexe, enfouissement consecutif a la mort (<< la seconde mort >> de l'individu zombifie, << celle de Dieu >>)...
He argued that in digestion and assimilation, there must be a stage at which inanimate food was converted into living matter in a process that he designated "animalisation" (25).
Following Ellis Cashmore, in his book The Black Culture Industry, Thompson argues that 'in attributing to black artists a depth of emotion not accessible to whites, they (predominantly white music critics) perpetrate an animalisation not dissimilar to those favoured by self-justifying 19th-century colonialists.'
(42) Such impacts include an operation central to the anthropological machine that he does not quite express: the animalisation and reduction to bare life, not of human beings, but of nonhuman animals.
De nouveau pointe, a la faveur d'une analogie eclairante, cette thematique de l'animalisation du zombi.
Le fait de representer les femmes comme << femelles >> conduirait a leur reification sinon a leur animalisation (Armengaud 1999 : 3).