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Asked if the threat of the animal disease should be a cause for concern, Dar assured that quarantine and safety measures are in place to prevent the spread of the dreaded animal virus.
A single layer of animal cells is grown in a Petri dish and the cells are infected with a sample of animal virus. A virion that kills the cultured cells causes a region of the cell layer to die, forming a plaque.
The need for animal virus testing, however, is not necessarily precluded for these products.
It is rare for an animal virus to cross the species barrier and infect humans, but when it does it can spark panic and fear around the world.
While it is rare for an animal virus to cross the species barrier and infect humans, when it does it can and understandably does, spark panic and fear around the world.
Worse, none can be used to treat humans, since an were originally grown on mouse cells and could expose humans to an animal virus our immune systems could not fight.
Could a wayward gene mingle with an animal virus to create a disease that's lethal to humans?
But the farm was shut amid fears about a deadly animal virus. Customers claimed puppies they bought from him died from the highly-infectious and often fatal disease canine parvo virus.
North Kerry TD Jimmy Deenihan, who is chairman of the restoration committee, said the replica train, two carriages and rails had been "locked" because of the animal virus.
A handful of virology textbooks currently serve as standard references for animal virus researchers, and some serve as course textbooks for students studying basic virology.
In a St Patrick's Day message, he urged everyone to observe the regulations put in place by the Irish government to head off the animal virus.
So it becomes easier for an animal virus to infect humans.
In the worst-case scenario, an animal virus is transmitted to the human recipient and then spreads to the wider population.
(PhilMaize) has urged the government to conduct laboratory tests on imported feed products to ensure these goods were not contaminated with animal virus, and rule out the possibility that they caused the unusual deaths of hogs recently.