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one who trains or exhibits animals


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Contego Response was founded by managing director Michael Taylor in 2004 after previously working as an animal trainer on feature films, such as the Harry Potter series.
A WORLD- renowned animal trainer has been caught on camera savagely beating a tiger.
A former animal trainer looked after them, under conditions which the charity says were deplorable.
Says Patrick and Willow's owner Denise Vertigen ho is also an animal trainer: "Working with animals is a privilege and we must never forget to respect them as individuals.
The show was the idea of animal trainer Rudd Weatherwax and the first animal actor to play the iconic collie was actually a male dog named Pal.
"Animals can't speak for themselves, so we speak for them," says animal trainer Katenna Jones of Providence, Rhode Island.
This series highlights animal careers such as animal trainer, animal therapist, conservationist, and rescue, in addition to veterinary medicine.
The details of Gunderson's wild adventures as a Hollywood animal trainer are chronicled in a chapter of the recent book "Animal Stars: Behind the Scenes With Your Favorite Animal Actors," by Robin Ganzert and Allen and Linda Anderson, published by New World Library.
The beast was just sixmonths-old when he ended up at a zoo in France and, just two months later, he was acquired by an animal trainer in Vernay in the Loire district.
Indian animal trainer Christo Babu 'Wolf' is apparently in huge demand in the Gulf region.
When an animal trainer working on the film informed an AHA official of the fatalities in 2012, he was told that the lack of physical evidence would make it hard to investigate the claim further.
The studio, run by Kuklachev, a legendary animal trainer, clown and Soviet-era child star, had been under renovation for more than a year.
But Suzanne is an animal trainer so makes sure they do what the client needs.
Animal trainer Samantha Martin, from Chicago, is advertising for someone to make the instrument.
Animal trainer Martin Winfield owns and runs Rockwood Dog Training Centre in Caerphilly and has also supplied animals for TV and films for more than 25 years.