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McLeod Theater, The Gil and Jean Kroening Lecture Series: Temple Grandin, animal scientist and autism self-advocate.
Temple Grandin, animal scientist, called ag-gag bills "the stupidest thing that ag ever did" during a talk at a 2012 Iowa Farm Bureau meeting.
"There is no effective therapy at the moment to deal with the toxins that build up in your body," said Neil Talbot, a research animal scientist for the USDA Agricultural Research Service.
Their only option now is to transplant a liver," said Neil Talbot, a Research Animal Scientist for the USDA Agricultural Research Service.
Jon Beaver a noted animal scientist at the University of Illinois.
Scientists could then study the animals to better understand these illnesses, says Michigan State University animal scientist Jose Cibelli.
Dr Marc Cooper, RSPCA senior farm animal scientist, said: "At a time when more of us are concerned about how chickens are reared, we seem to be in a position where the EU is making conditions worse, not better.
ANIMALS MAKE US HUMAN: CREATING THE BEST LIFE FOR ANIMALS comes form an animal scientist and autism advocate who explains how to fulfill the specific needs of dogs, cats, horses and wildlife and farm animals alike, showing how happiness enters their lives.
Temple Grandin - The animal scientist talks about her new book, "Animals Make Us Human, 7 p.m., Bagdad Theater, 3702 S.E.
Andy Lamey, a doctoral student at the University of Western Australia, has re-examined an earlier analysis by Steven Davis, an animal scientist at Oregon State University, which concluded that a relatively small number of animals were killed to produce grass-fed beef.
Ecologist Alan Franzluebbers and animal scientist John Stuedemann of ARS found that cattle grazing on forage grasses could help improve carbon storage in soil.
In 1932, however, animal scientist Max Kleiber of the University of California, Davis looked at a broad range of data and concluded that the correct exponent is 3/4 not 2/3.
An animal scientist from the University of Missouri is leading national committee reviewing animal management at the Smithsonian Institution's National zoological Park following a recent string of animal deaths.
Variation also can hurt sales prices, notes animal scientist Mike Brumm.
The pigs' creator Professor Randy Prather - animal scientist at the University of Missouri - said: "The pigs are not unhappy.