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Animal scientists have thought for 50 years that, if we could reduce the amount of methane produced by cattle, we could significantly reduce the amount of feed they need.
Animal scientists at the University of Arkansas (UA) recently conducted a survey to identify management practices that characterize the country's highest producing dairy herds.
FutureFood 2050 highlights new eco-friendly greenhouse technologies, seaweed farms and more, plus an exclusive Q&A with renowned animal scientist Temple Grandin.
RSPCA farm animal scientist, Dr Marc Cooper, said: "Chatting to farm animals may sound daft but there is a clear welfare message behind Freedom Food's survey.
Flythe also collaborated with FAPRU animal scientist Glen Aiken on a study in which hops had a positive effect on the rumen's volatile fatty acid ratios, which are important to ruminant nutrition.
Implementing the new provisions could have a significant impact on mortality rates and skin and leg problems," said senior farm animal scientist Dr Marc Cooper.
Animal scientist John Stuedemann and other researchers before him have conducted forage research with their resident herd of Angus cattle, which was established in the 1950s.
ARS animal scientist Michael Brown and Redlands Community College undergraduate student Amina Phillips monitored spring-born lambs for 3 years to see whether animal weight gains could be predicted using spectral reflectance measurements taken in pastures.
An animal scientist is monitoring the animals' health, since some elements--especially molybdenum--can cause digestion problems in ruminants.
This resistance is a result of treatment overuse, and it now threatens the entire goat and sheep population of the eastern United States," says animal scientist Joan Burke of ARS's Dale Bumpers Small Farms Research Center in Booneville, Arkansas.
A little more than a decade ago, while looking for a low-cost feed supplement, animal scientist Mark E.
However, it may be that, by lessening the effects of chronic disease, vaccines play as important a part as nutrients, hypothesizes Allan Schinckel, an animal scientist at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Ind.
Temple Grandin, the famed animal scientist and author of "Animals Make Us Human" and "Animals in Translation," is the latest to offer up a ringing endorsement.
Animal scientist Joan Burke of ARS's Dale Bumpers Small Farms Research Center in Booneville, Arkansas, and colleagues collaborate with scientists, veterinarians, and extension agents from the Southern Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control.
University of Idaho animal scientist Rod Hill and Larry Branen, a University of Idaho food scientist, organized the symposium.