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the branch of psychology concerned with the behavior of animals

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Coursework must include 30 semester credits in behavioral science courses, including 9 semester credits in ethology, animal behavior, and/or comparative psychology; and 9 semester credits in animal learning, conditioning, and/or animal psychology.
In that sense, Kohler's book could be considered a "classic." However like any work, it was part of a specific era and scientific tradition, and must be analyzed within its historical context, that is, relative to the established animal psychology of his time.
The process of locating exceptional dogs, training them to develop a devotion to duty, and finding dogs with the courage to endure battle makes for a powerful blend of military and animal psychology and endurance training routines, offering insights into how MWDs are trained, how they handle their work in the most challenging of environments, and how they blend with team members and work with a platoon.
His father was the owner of the zoo in Pondicherry thus Pi had knowledge and understanding of the animal psychology.
Addressing many common behavior issues and how to address them in the proper ways, she covers from common puppies and kittens to horses, "Secrets of a Pet Whisperer" is a bit of common animal psychology that shouldn't be missed.
* Al-Jahiz, the eighth-century African biologist who first developed the theories of evolution and introduced the world to concepts like natural selection, the food chain, and animal psychology 1,000 years before Charles Darwin was born.
"The demonstration farm uses a cutting-edge mix of technology, animal psychology, and old-fashioned farming practices.
"Animal psychology works so well with troubled and autistic children because they both have similar emotive and intuitive responses.
And in 'Nietzschean "Animal Psychology" versus Kantian Ethics' Mathias Risse explores Kant and Nietzsche on the will and freedom.
And even the most cool-eyed naturalists will tell you that the last word on animal psychology is far from in.
Masson has written several popular books on animal psychology. Here he has captured the feline psyche: the desire for independence with the comforts offered by human companionship.
Watson's proscription of anthropomorphism was picked up by Skinner and became mainstream in animal psychology. Even the rise of ethology in Europe did not seriously challenge the anti-mentalistic tone that Watson had set.
Catania, author of the Army K-9 training manual, Webb has, in turn, educated instructors and dog handlers in every aspect of canine behavior, from basic obedience to protection to animal psychology, as well as hunting, tracking and scouting.
The inquiry will hear from experts on ethics, animal psychology and medicine and conservation.
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