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the branch of psychology concerned with the behavior of animals

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Toward that end, Stumpf considered one of his disciples, Wolfgang Kohler, but ruled him out for lack of experience in animal psychology research.
The demonstration farm uses a cutting-edge mix of technology, animal psychology, and old-fashioned farming practices.
Finally, Porphyry's reliance on Historia Animalium, particularly the possibly "Theophrastean" ninth book, to support attribution of logismoi to animals and a progressive identification of human and animal psychology, is shown to be incompatible with Aristotle's position (pp.
And even the most cool-eyed naturalists will tell you that the last word on animal psychology is far from in.
Masson has written several popular books on animal psychology.
Morgan's intent was not in any way to banish mentalistic explanation from the study of animal psychology.
It's important for those who ride sleds to understand animal psychology.
Catania, author of the Army K-9 training manual, Webb has, in turn, educated instructors and dog handlers in every aspect of canine behavior, from basic obedience to protection to animal psychology, as well as hunting, tracking and scouting.
The inquiry will hear from experts on ethics, animal psychology and medicine and conservation.
86) The idea that a person could affect an animal so strongly may seem implausible, but it is supported by recent studies of animal psychology and of farm animals' relations with humans.
The programme promises to get to the bottom of all types of four-legged neuroses using the very latest in animal psychology.
The book also examines the influence that mysticism and tradition have had on successive horse-breaking eras, as well as the important role of animal psychology.
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