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Headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA, GaiaRecycle, LLC provides innovative organic waste recycling and animal oil extraction solutions to U.S.
GaiaRecycle also features a unique option for extracting animal oil for high quality bio-diesel refinement and dried fat that is suitable for use as animal feed.
The list of products that posted contractions in VaPI included chemical products, food, vegan and animal oils, coconut products, and other products.
The award-winning company, Oras, is an enterprise based on the production of biodiesel, which is an alternative to fossil diesel through natural resources, produced by the recycling of consumed and wasted vegetable and animal oils, 13 times highly efficient than ordinary diesel.
In the structure of exports, the bulk fell to export of oil (77.52 percent), oil products (2.46 percent), natural gas (8.64 percent), electricity (0.37 percent), fruits and vegetables (3.64 percent), tea (0,07 percent), vegetable and animal oils (0,12 percent), sugar (0,29 percent), alcoholic and non-alcoholic products (0,16 percent), chemical products (0,58 percent), plastics and products of which (0.73 percent), cotton (0.24 percent), cotton fiber (0.12 percent), ferrous metals (0.6 percent), aluminum (0.85 percent) , other (3.61 percent).
Biosynthetic Technologies holds exclusive rights to patented technology that converts fatty acids found in plant and animal oils into high-performance synthetic oils that can be used in industrial lubricant, personal care and other chemical sectors.
Fires involving commercial cooking appliances with vegetable oils, animal oils or fats at higher temperatures.
Produced using vegetable, waste cooking, and animal oils, the fuel's launch is in line with the UAE Energy Plan.
The report also clarified the specific activities in the food industries sector, including processing and preserving of meat and fish and their products, processing and preserving of fruit and vegetables, manufacturing of vegetable and animal oils and fats, manufacturing of dairy products, manufacturing of grain mill and bakery products and macaroni, and manufacturing of prepared animal feeds.
Imports, on the other hand, include wheat, vegetable and animal oils, coal, wood, iron, and steel.
They also resist animal oils and fats, and can cope with strong detergents and acids and alkaline liquids making them well suited for use in a challenging food production environment.
Other segments showed the following increases: processing and preservation of meat and fish, 14.7 per cent; cocoa, chocolate and sugar confectionery, 10.5 per cent; vegetable and animal oils and fats, 7 per cent; processing and preservation of fruit and vegetables, 6.2 per cent, and grain mill, bakery and macaroni products, 3.9 per cent.
According to ISIC, the food industries include several industrial activities as follows: Processing and preserving of meat, fish, crustaceans and mollusks; processing and preserving of fruits and vegetables; manufacture of vegetable, animal oils and fats, and dairy products; manufacture of grain mill products, starches, starch products and other food products; manufacture of bakery products, sugar, cocoa, chocolate and sugar confectionery; manufacture of macaroni, noodles, couscous and similar farinaceous products; manufacture of prepared meals, dishes and other food products n.e.c.; manufacture of prepared animal feeds, manufacture of soft drinks; production of mineral waters and other bottled waters; and manufacture of tobacco products.
Food industries include several industrial activities including: processing and preserving of meat and fish, crustaceans and mollusks, processing and preserving of fruit and vegetables, manufacture of vegetable and animal oils and fats, manufacture of dairy products, manufacture of grain mill products, starches and starch products, manufacture of bakery products, manufacture of sugar, manufacture of cocoa, chocolate and confectionery, KUNA reported.