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the physical (or animal) side of a person as opposed to the spirit or intellect


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Raw prose evokes the animal nature of these inquisitive characters who fight for redemption across the globe.
Piero's images resonate with a particular tendency in the anthropological and sociological thought of the later Renaissance: that human nature is unfixed and indeterminate, where boundaries between human and animal nature threaten to dissolve.
Psycho Pussies: When Cats Attack is the latest documentary from our production company Dog House Media and it reveals what happens when the domestic kitty reveals her wild, animal nature. It's on Channel 5 at 8pm (yes, a shameless plug!) Being married to the director is very handy because I got to watch a preview of it this week.
To further encourage the natural interest of young readers ages 3-8, there is more information about the other animals in the story, plus tips from the author and illustrator to do more mountain animal nature study.
The present sciences of our animal behavior and brain functioning can surely provide us with important insights concerning not just our animal nature but our rational nature.
Petsche also frames his argument in relation to influential critical works, citing Cary Wolfe's indictment of Cultural Studies for its 'repression' of 'the question of nonhuman subjectivity', Matthew Calarco's categorical rejection of the notion of a human-animal distinction, and Jacques Derrida's critique of a 'common animality', the assumption of an 'animal nature common to all nonhuman animals'.
However, he finds his animal nature has its advantages - including becoming a champion boxer.
Yet Dominique Lestel, a highly influential researcher studying animality (our animal nature), opposes the separation of human and animal life.
Presenting her body parts at odd angles and in unusual arrangements, she emphasizes their very fleshy and animal nature. She takes this a step further by putting the cleaning gloves on her hands and then her feet, giving a disturbing image of human hands where human feet should be while also making her feet look like a chicken's.
ADAM KIMMEL: I love Taylor, and he's a sweetheart, but he's also got that animal nature to him that's kind of crazy.
Midgley works within an Aristotelian paradigm of looking at the facts, thinking inductively, recognizing the importance of motives, and understanding that the animal nature of human beings proves necessary for understanding their inner life.
Because of pure animal nature, the mother dog attacked the child to protect her puppies.
In one way or another, all the characters who live in this play face the same sobering dilemma of man's animal nature, especially those who have become philosophical in the afterlife.
Here horned creatures are conspicuous as sacred symbols, often in hybrid combination of the human and animal, with the animal nature deemed (as Henri Frankfort suggests in his book Ancient Egyptian Religion) more powerful because more pervasive and enduring than individual human identity.
Alternating between previously unpublished footage and interviews with participants in the experiment, the film shows how Nim initially connects with his family before his animal nature gradually takes over.