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the physical (or animal) side of a person as opposed to the spirit or intellect


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His suggestion depends for its rationale upon the fact that human rationality, which is often taken to be a distinguishing feature of humans, is built on our animal nature.
Washington, June 6 ( ANI ): A new research delves deeper into our relationship with other creatures, critically examining our own animal nature, and looking at how animals profoundly influence our culture - perhaps more so than we had initially thought.
Presenting her body parts at odd angles and in unusual arrangements, she emphasizes their very fleshy and animal nature.
This reluctance to mingle reminders of our animal nature and mortality--including topics such as sex and defecation--with spaces that we consider sacred is pertinent for the Church because, according to Beck, this psychological "hitch" also keeps us from fully engaging the world.
ADAM KIMMEL: I love Taylor, and he's a sweetheart, but he's also got that animal nature to him that's kind of crazy.
Because of pure animal nature, the mother dog attacked the child to protect her puppies.
In one way or another, all the characters who live in this play face the same sobering dilemma of man's animal nature, especially those who have become philosophical in the afterlife.
Here horned creatures are conspicuous as sacred symbols, often in hybrid combination of the human and animal, with the animal nature deemed (as Henri Frankfort suggests in his book Ancient Egyptian Religion) more powerful because more pervasive and enduring than individual human identity.
Alternating between previously unpublished footage and interviews with participants in the experiment, the film shows how Nim initially connects with his family before his animal nature gradually takes over.
For example, Christianity's depiction of the human body and, particularly, sexuality as sinful echoes Plato's division of the soul and body and the necessity of controlling our animal nature.
The game is a bit more close to the bone - with limbs being chopped off, proper combat moves and the brutal animal nature of what Wolverine should be like more to the fore.
Philoctete's short novel represents what some American readers may call a flowering of magic realism in its reliance on vegetable and animal nature as forms of emotional feeling and mental consciousness.
No meat at the launch of things, no ends for the begin, just grasses for our roots in animal nature.
In this sense, humans are capable of transcending their animal nature without becoming unnatural.
The ability to reflect on our animal nature in such compelling ways is part of what makes us human.