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must be the final result of this practice," he was often berated and ridiculed, particularly for injecting animal material into humans, thus diminishing the distance between them and unclean or sick beasts.
Content was determined to be animal material if it was dark brown or black, obviously sclerotized, or if they were a recognizable structure such as, tarsi, antennae, legs, etc (Castner & Fowler 1984).
APRIL 24 The human form of the disease - which is not thought to be dangerous - is suspected in a slaughterman who came into close contact with infected animal material.
So a month ago, my husband and I finally stepped out to buy a compost bin that would help breaking down food and other organic waste we generated at home into humus - dark decomposed plant and animal material that is a key part of soil.
AD is the process where plant and animal material (biomass) is converted into useful products by micro-organisms in the absence of air.
The use of biomass - solid plant or animal material - to generate heat and electricity is recognised by the Government as a technology which can deliver immediate carbon and cost savings for homes and businesses.
Some of the preserved plant and animal material held at themuseum dates back decades with some going back even further.
Anaerobic digestion is the process where plant and animal material is digested in tanks by micro-organisms which release methane that can be used to provide heat and power.
There's rock material, dead plant and animal material and there's living animal, plant and fungus material.
For the first time the use of embryos containing human and animal material is given a legal basis.
Do not attempt to bring in plant or animal material as you will be fined or even jailed.
It secretes digestive enzymes and acids to help digest animal material, such as insects.
All animal material was identified to the orders Insecta and Gastropoda.
Kim and his colleagues set out to see whether the decayed plant and animal material found in waterways would affect carbon nanotubes.
One only has to look at a country like Australia, which has some of the strictest border inspection laws and importation restrictions on live and dead plant and animal material of which I am aware.