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Anaerobic digestion is the process where plant and animal material is digested in tanks by micro-organisms which release methane that can be used to provide heat and power.
There's rock material, dead plant and animal material and there's living animal, plant and fungus material.
the only fruit for which we could separate the seed from the pulp), flowers, animal material, minerals (pebbles of different sizes differing from soil which could not be identified in feces or stomach contents), etc.
Do not attempt to bring in plant or animal material as you will be fined or even jailed.
It secretes digestive enzymes and acids to help digest animal material, such as insects.
All animal material was identified to the orders Insecta and Gastropoda.
Kim and his colleagues set out to see whether the decayed plant and animal material found in waterways would affect carbon nanotubes.
A study by Canadian feed inspectors has found bone fragments and other animal material in samples of vegetable-based feed, but health officials say that new rules should prevent future problems.
In addition, the compounds are covered for their possible utility in foodstuffs, including plant and animal material, that undergo deterioration and become spoiled or toughened.
People have used all kinds of plant and animal material to heat, light, cook and forge new materials for millennia.
2060) designed to prevent terrorist attacks on companies that use plant or animal material for research or commercial purposes--called animal and plant enterprises in the legislation.
4% of total mass, and animal material accounted for the remaining 19.
To reassure US consumers that BSE won't get into anyone's Big Mac, the chain told its beef suppliers to submit proof that the cattle used in its hamburgers were raised under federal mandates that prohibit animal material in feed.
By 1988 government scientists had made the link that the disease was derived from animal material present in feeds and banned infected animal protein.
Lewis is a Beagle who works with his handler, Detective Mark McKay, to sniff out food, plant and animal material at the airport's international terminal.