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magnetic personal charm

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With its Romantic beginnings in animal magnetism, in sentimental theories of Sympathie, and in the still soft science of psychology, and its rebirth and alleged demystification a century later in Freudian Modernism, the story of the Doppelganger is not a simple one, and Andrew J.
Eddy called her particular version of demonology Malicious Animal Magnetism or, simply, MAM.
Welch's Maninyas, a fluid and compelling blend of human and animal magnetism, drew fine performances from a cast that included Berman, Anthony Pandazzo, Elizabeth Loscavio, Christopher Stowell, Julia Adam, and Yuri Possokhov.
Amber nectar for happy veg POT marigolds, or calendula, are packed with animal magnetism - their bright orange colour attracts predators such as hoverflies and draws in bees.
I wouldn't say Cameron was the epitome of animal magnetism.
Crews' summary of the Freudian enterprise is devastating: "Psychoanalysis was a quilt whose patches were assembled from such diverse sources as animal magnetism, Victorian sexology, materialist determinism, Romantic vitalism, reflex neurology, the Lamarckian doctrine of heredity ...
It's sheer animal magnetism but who will you be howling for in the battle between the bloodsuckers and the weres?
And there were many other women ready to remember Burton's charisma and animal magnetism. That is one of the three main focuses of this weighty 896-page biography, complete with more than 200 photographs.
ANIMAL magnetism helps bats to navigate over long distances, scientists have learned.
The New Yorker has described them as "two singers with a certain movie-star quality." Having seen this couple's Romeo et Juliette in Los Angeles, I can attest that reports of their stage charisma and pure animal magnetism are not overstatements.
Did you know Metro Radio's Sunderland commentator Simon Crabtree used to have animal magnetism?
But like Clarke's edited manuscript, he completely misses Bernstein's animal magnetism. This might be a minority opinion, but when Nelis speaks Bernstein's words, he gives the impression of channeling them through Calvin Klein (the man, not the ads).
And there is praise for Catherine Zeta-Jones who is declared to be "gorgeous", Charlize Theron for "glowing", Halle Berry for being "irresistible" and George Clooney for his "animal magnetism".
Donna Air is used to attracting attention but the leggy blonde is about to put her animal magnetism to the ultimate test.