animal magnetism

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magnetic personal charm

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RUSSELL Brand has never been short of animal magnetism.
Rascal received an Honorary Doctorate in Animal Magnetism from SSU in California.
Even exaggerating their wages took second place to tall tales of pulling power and animal magnetism in a study of 16 to 35-year-olds for new men's mag Nuts.
But the two central performances display an animal magnetism hidden, barely, by the constraints of polite society.
BACK exploiting the strong charm of the paw, Vets In Practice (BBC1) retains animal magnetism.
MODEL Miranda Kerr had bundles of animal magnetism as she swaggered down the runway in Sydney yesterday.
Dr No Sean Connery in dinner suitAN outfit that's an instant touch of class, its formal nature undermined by Connery's animal magnetism.
Michael Schenker returned for 1979's gold LOVEDRIVE (with fan fave "Holiday") before Jabs debuted on 1980's platinum ANIMAL MAGNETISM.
Sensitive Justin looks uncannily like a floppy-haired Leonardo DiCaprio, whereas Richard has all the animal magnetism of a young James Caan.
Blessed with an abundance of, well, animal magnetism, Wagner sings and acts with tremendous conviction, even when Leslie Bricusse's banal lyrics and by-the-numbers book blunt the edge of Wagner's gleefully demented Mr.
SUPPORT Bertie Ahern, who is the focus of a four-part documentary, at Dublin Zoo yesterday; ANIMAL MAGNETISM Sharing a laugh with Dublin Zoo volunteers; MANE MAN Bertie meets pregnant Shetland pony Bo as he launches the newly-revamped Haughton House at Dublin Zoo
JENNIFER Lopez crawls across a stage showing pure animal magnetism - and a mane of hair a lion would be proud of.
His animal magnetism and finicky demeanor won him the role.
Handsome, headstrong and possessed of the animal magnetism that brings crowds to their feet, Ruzimatov epitomized a look and style of dancing that has all but disappeared.