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Large-scale financial irregularities in the state's Animal Husbandry Department first came to light in 1996, though allegations of misappropriation of funds in the department had started surfacing from 1985.
2) Department of Animal Biotechnology, College of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry, Anand Agricultural University, Anand, India
The first part of the article 48 (1949) is an injunction to the states 'to organize agriculture and animal husbandry on modern and scientific lines'; and it is continued in the second part saying that the state 'shall in particular, take steps for preserving and improving the breeds and the third part of the Article prohibits the slaughter, of cows and calves and other milch and draught cattle.
The minister said that some illegal occupants encroached the land of animal husbandry and warned that action would be taken for removal of these encroachment.
Animal Husbandry Commissioner said that more than US$ 650 million were earned as foreign exchange through the export of livestock and allied products during last year.
The Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying said in its presentation that to address the supply- demand gap concerning animal protein foods, artificial insemination and other technologies need to be encouraged to boost animal yields, sources said.
In order to decrease the amount of feed being imported, the Animal Husbandry Council has stated that feed crop plantation and efficient usage of grazing lands should be promoted.
Public health director at the animal husbandry and health directorate general Ahmad Junaidi said the ban would be lifted if the Office International des Epizooties (OIE) has announced that Australia has been free from bird flu.
Lombok Timur, West Nusa Tenggara, Dhu-AlQa'dah 19, 1432, Oct 17, 2011, SPA -- East Lombok agriculture and animal husbandry authorities consider the region to have been hit by a bird flu outbreak following the discovery of bird flu infected-chickens in the district.
Hoseinpoor appreciated growing ties between the two countries' agriculture ministries and he asked for further expansion of cooperation in agriculture and animal husbandry.
Jaipur, Oct 19 (ANI): Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar will inaugurate a two-day conference of agriculture, animal husbandry and food-civil supplies ministers of eleven states in Jaipur today.
April 30 2010 - Animal Husbandry Industry Co Ltd has announced major financial indicators of first quarter of 2010.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-6 July 2007-Kesko Corporation subsidiary sells animal husbandry business operations(C)1994-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Anderson provocatively suggests that ideas drawn from English folklore might have provided a possible link to Native American ways of thinking, but that Christian concepts of man's dominion over animals governed both the ideas and the practice of animal husbandry in British North America.
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