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We had strong revenue growth from most of our businesses during the quarter, and particularly good operating performance from our IDEXX VetLab (instruments and consumables) and computer systems lines in the Companion Animal Group," said Jonathan Ayers, President and CEO.
Animal groups across the UAE have welcomed the initiative.
This was another solid quarter for our Companion Animal Group and our Water Division," said Jonathan W.
Which animal group has nearly identical percentages of endangered and threatened species?
Roy did two things right there that ran through the Committee, and later the Division, for decades: He reached to broaden the AACC into adjacent fields of clinical chemistry, and he gave the Animal Group the independence that became their hallmark throughout the years.
Each chapter discusses a major animal group and presents an illustrated key for identifying its species or genera.
From amphibians and insects, to fish and mammals, to birds and reptiles, Cleary's rhyming text and Goneau's amusing illustrations playfully highlight the characteristics of each animal group and offer examples of animals in each group.
ET, IDEXX's senior leadership team will discuss growth strategies in IDEXX's Companion Animal Group and host a question-and-answer session.
Most people who use the pet taxi service know about it from their vets or animal group posts on social media.
The research focused on arthropods (insects, crustaceans, arachnids and their relatives), which are the most diverse animal group in both the Cambrian period and present day.
The state of pet shops and animal souqs is of particular concern to Afra who worked with the Strays of Abu Dhabi animal group.
Leading animal group the PDSA is calling on young fashion designers to design a garment for the charity's children's club, Pet Protectors.
Where most field guides focus on identification of a particular plant or animal group, Skeate provides an overall description of the various local communities, flora and fauna; the animals described are limited to the vertebrates, including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals.
hires George Gunn as president, animal health worldwide, and Julia Stephanus as vice president, companion animal group.
A campaigner from animal group Peta, which claims breeding pedigrees is cruel, protested as the winner was announced.
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