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a protein gelatin obtained by boiling e

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The peak at 1002 [cm.sup.-1], as previously described, is especially pronounced in EW and C Raman spectra, for which phenylalanine is present in higher concentrations than in collagen-based glues (a total of approximately 12% of tyrosine plus phenylalanine is detected in egg and casein, compared to approximately 4% total in animal glue) [18].
The active ingredient PCMC is also approved by the FDA for use as a preservative composent of adhesives intended for use in packaging, transporting, or holding food; and as a preservative in the manufacture of animal glue intended for use in packing, processing, preparing, treating, packaging, transporting, or holding food.
The condition of the seventeenth-century binding was very poor: the sewing had broken down, the animal glue on the spine had become brittle, the textblock was loose and unstable and the spine leather friable with large pieces lost.
The researchers thought animal glue might have served as a binder, but all of the data pointed to egg instead.
In the second phase of the testing, I fired the bullets into an animal glue expansion medium, first at high velocity and then at a reduced velocity, simulating a 500-yard impact.
If you're lucky, it will be an old animal glue that can be melted by waving a heat gun over the top.
What do you recommend for gluesize - the commercial product or the six parts water to one part animal glue? When glue squeezeout is missed and hardens, what do you use for removal?