animal glue

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a protein gelatin obtained by boiling e

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Firstly, remnants of animal glue were removed mechanically from the backs of the vellum bifolia, that is, using scalpels and erasers rather than solvents or moisture.
The researchers thought animal glue might have served as a binder, but all of the data pointed to egg instead.
In the second phase of the testing, I fired the bullets into an animal glue expansion medium, first at high velocity and then at a reduced velocity, simulating a 500-yard impact.
If you're lucky, it will be an old animal glue that can be melted by waving a heat gun over the top.
These can make people sick and some creatures also eat the animal glue that attaches canvas paintings to the wall.
com/research/265fab/china_animal_glue) has announced the addition of the "China animal glue manufacturing industry, 2012" report to their offering.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Animal Glue For Genl.