animal fibre

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fiber derived from animals

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For this reason this project has examined the behaviour of animal fibres which to date have tended to be overlooked as a constituent in unfired brick reinforcement.
Cashmere fibre grown in goats (Capra hircus), is one of the finest and softest animal fibres, with an average diameter of 15 [micro]m, and is used exclusively in luxurious textile products (McCarthy, 1998).
Common clothes moths and their larvae thrive in warm, enclosed environments such as wardrobes and feed on animal fibres such as wools and silk.
Practically any fibre material is suitable for needling: Wood fibres, animal fibres, carbon fibres or synthetic fibres, such as polypropylene or polyester.
Guide to the Identification of Animal Fibres. Leeds,
Among the many eccentric theories circulating at the time was Dr Gustav Jaeger's belief that only animal fibres were compatible with human health.
Animal fibres are generally soft to touch; how fine the yarn is also affects the drape, ranging from the finest cashmere to thickly spun yarns which can be very heavy.