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Common clothes moths and their larvae thrive in warm, enclosed environments such as wardrobes and feed on animal fibres such as wools and silk.
Among the many eccentric theories circulating at the time was Dr Gustav Jaeger's belief that only animal fibres were compatible with human health.
The Coast Salish peoples, indigenous to the Pacific Northwest coastal areas of northern Washington and southern British Columbia (Figure 1) have an ancient weaving tradition notable for large, finely woven blankets (Hill-Tout 1907; Ashwell 1978) made of animal fibres (Figures 2-4), sometimes supplemented by vegetal fibres (hemp, stinging nettles) and bird down (Wells 1969).
NMNH 1894 (1040-1240 X 1015mm) is a hybrid blanket, the main body of which is made of animal fibres woven with down and feathers.
Animal fibres are generally soft to touch; how fine the yarn is also affects the drape, ranging from the finest cashmere to thickly spun yarns which can be very heavy.