animal fat

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any fat obtained from animals

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However, at issue is the question of whether the suspect animal parts were all tested for BSE before they were rendered to animal fat and sent to Irish Edible Oils.
According to a statement issued by the Chinese Ministry of Public Security, the new type was made from dumped animal fat and then reprocessed into edible oil, Xinhua reports.
People's main exposure to dioxin, which the EPA characterizes as a likely human carcinogen, is from consuming animal fat in beef, pork, poultry, fish, milk and dairy products.
"But it's prudent to eat less meat and animal fat and more vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.
McVITIE'S ORIGINAL DIGESTIVE: Contain animal fat. 64p for 400g.
'Around 10 per cent of herbalists confirmed getting animal fat and other derivatives from the staff of provincial wildlife departments.
e FSaturated Fats solid at room temperature are called saturated fats and include the "bad" fats such as animal fat. Think butter, lard and cheese.
Washington, Dec 8 (ANI): Scientists have made an advance in their effort to replace animal fat in hot dogs, sausages, hamburgers and other foods with healthier fat.
They will use a thermal depolymerization process to co-process animal fat with hydrocarbon feedstock, making it chemically equivalent to conventional diesel, which will allow it to be transported directly through existing pipelines to distribution terminals.
Local Oklahoma newspaper the Journal Record recently reported that Redland Industries has revealed plans to build a new biodiesel plant in Guymon, OK that will use animal fat from local slaughtering operations.
An independent evaluation of SCANPRO T95 and SCANPRO C110 found that SCANPRO[R] products can be used in vegetable oil emulsions as an alternative to animal fat emulsions and in low-fat products as a fat-reducer, whilst maintaining original taste and texture.
"For prostate, it's probably related to animal fat," says Willett.
They used red, yellow and orange pigments from ground-up minerals and bound it with animal fat and eggs to make their paint, the new study from a Stone Age settlement on the island of Orkney revealed.
A CAT weighing more than a stone yesterday became the first pet at Britain's only animal fat camp.