animal black

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black substance containing char in the form of carbonized bone

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Some papers have already been published highlighting the effectiveness of this technique for detecting the presence of this band for the noninvasive and in situ identification of animal black on real works of art [15, 16].
Indeed, the infrared spectra recorded on a grey area of the musician's costume and in the flesh clearly exhibit the diagnostic feature at 2013 [cm.sup.-1] of the animal black pigment in spite of the evident combination bands of the sulphate anion in BaS[O.sub.4] (Figure 3(b)) [20].
The presence of phosphorus in the blue layer confirmed the presence of the animal black pigment in mixture with the blue pigment.
Despite its usefulness for the identification of an animal black pigment by noninvasive technique, its assignment is still uncertain.
But the animal black magic doesn't stop there, as Det Insp Jack Frost deals with snakes, tigers, lions, zebras and monkeys.