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Synonyms for animadvert

express one's opinion openly and without fear or hesitation

express blame or censure or make a harshly critical remark

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His Fortune is no fairy, but an instrument of Divine Providence; in his preface to the reader he animadverts the 'childish and superfluous inventions, intermingled also with some sparks of prophane superstition' that he found in his source (Combe, sig.
KS also darkly animadverts on the absence of support from Farmer, Steevens, and Malone.
Satel animadverts with justified rage to the civil libertarians who defend the abstract right of schizophrenics to sleep in doorways, shout obscenities at passersby, and neglect themselves to death: psychosis being an alternative way of life, an exploration of inner space or a natural and dignified response to an oppressive society.
Pope later observes that Houdar's "late discourse upon Homer very justly animadverts" that if Eustathius and Madame Dacier are right to hear ambiguity in battle orders, "it is a grievous fault in Homer" who should have known that clarity is necessary at such a time (4.352; p.
Consider, for instance, Louis Untermeyer's critique of Francis's third book, The Sound I Listened For (1944), whose poems accentuate what he asserts is Francis's "gift for seeing minutiae which are anything but trivial." "In this," Untermeyer animadverts, "he reminds the reader of his more illustrious forerunners, especially of one whose background is contiguous.