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Synonyms for animadvert

express one's opinion openly and without fear or hesitation

express blame or censure or make a harshly critical remark

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The weavers assembled before the house of one of the most respectable manufacturers, of the name of Zwanziger, signing a song, in which the behaviour of this individual towards his workmen was animadverted upon, and which seems to have been manufactured for that occasion [...] The people, in the meantime, entirely demolished the dwelling house of Mr.
The word is out, I fancy, that once Bowman has animadverted upon one's journalistic and human failings, one might just as well crawl into a hole somewhere, get a job at the take-out window of Wendy's, and never again say anything more controversial than "You want fries with that?" But, alas, it is not so.
The likeliest time for this reading would have been the period between his work on the Harleian Catalogue, in which Maittaire's Annales Typographici is frequently animadverted upon, in the early 1740s, and his planning of the "History of the Revival of Learning in Europe," around 1752-53.
Goethe possessed, to an extraordinary degree, and later perhaps than any one else, that singular wisdom which has been more than once animadverted upon as the property .
Tarr is terrifying because it is both a critique and a portrayal of the contemporary situation: "It is like our civilization criticized, our acrobatics animadverted upon adversely, by an orang-outang of genius, Tarzan of the Apes" (Tarr" 106).