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Synonyms for animadvert

express one's opinion openly and without fear or hesitation

express blame or censure or make a harshly critical remark

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Added to these are the ones identified by Blackstone as the "principle offenses against the Law of Nations where he states: "THE principal offense against the law of nations, animadverted on as such by the municipal laws of England, are of three kinds; 1.
Though there was unhappily at New-York ample scope for censure, it is not my wish to animadvert on the conduct of certain men employed at great saleries, with still greater emoluments of situation, to examine and report the condition of transports, when ordered to take troops on board.
Through this "indirect jurisdiction" the Church claims to "animadvert upon opinions in secular matters which bear upon religion," such as questions of philosophy, science, literature, and history (197).
So cut Medicare, kick around the Brady bill and animadvert Amy Fisher moviews.
These conservatives animadvert against federal mandates on the states and federal judges who interfere with stale law making, so long as those laws do not clearly contravene the Constitution and are adopted democratically by a majority.
This is what Western commentators are fond of describing as "the cycle of violence"--an easy thing to animadvert about if you are standing outside it.
But I forbear to animadvert further on the disgraceful performance of this fons et origo of the new genteelism, as the job has already been done so splendidly by Leon Wieseltier on the back page of The New Republic.
(26) John Oldmixon, Clarendon and Whitlock Compar'd (London, 1727), xix (Prepossession), xxxix (animadvert).
Well, "Mahound" was a term of contempt used by the Crusaders, and in medieval Christian mystery plays, to animadvert Mohammed; he is always a satanic figure.
(31) Debs, then, is precisely the sort of "crafty agitator" against whom Rerum Novarum so perspicaciously animadverted in 1891, fully three years before Debs continued the tradition of labor violence whose locus classicus we must continue to find in the Haymarket Riots of 1886.
He then animadverted on the 'local agents' of these 'foreign conspirators': "Everyone knows that school children, university students, university lecturers and trade unions were used to create trouble..
The weavers assembled before the house of one of the most respectable manufacturers, of the name of Zwanziger, signing a song, in which the behaviour of this individual towards his workmen was animadverted upon, and which seems to have been manufactured for that occasion [...] The people, in the meantime, entirely demolished the dwelling house of Mr.
This fashionable taste for the foreign was considered a 'deviation from common sense' which did not 'pass unnoticed by Garrick who, in his Prologue to Taste, in the character of Peter Puff (the auctioneer) animadverts upon it with much truth and some humour' (416-7).