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harsh criticism or disapproval

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Muggeridge was the overwhelming influence on Malcolm's early life, and so it was only natural that Carlyle's animadversions should greatly impress him, too.
Nevertheless Flashman acknowledges that the lower classes get a raw deal from society: his animadversions about the conditions in which his rich father-in-law's Paisley workforce live and work are not due solely to his dislike of Mr Morrison, later to buy his way into a peerage--another comment on the realities of life in those times, indeed of all times.
To which are added, remarks upon the animadversions of Mr.
Former leftists David Horowitz and Peter Collier publish Heterodoxy, a newspaper-format monthly they call "articles and animadversions on political correctness and other follies.
Do not believe the animadversions issuing from activist organizations and replayed in the press.
And yet despite the animadversions of paleos such as Paul Gottfried, the things which divided the neocons and paleos were far less important than that which united them.
The better understanding between master and convict that resulted from his animadversions was enough to justify his stand.
We're not into the more bland type: intoning fascinating animadversions allegedly spoken on behalf of the Lord.
They recall Toqueville's animadversions on egalitarianism, Nietzsche's contempt for the popular adulation of Wagner, Le Bon's cautions on the psychology of the crowd, Goethe's disdain for public taste, Matthew Arnold's call for "the best that has been thought and known in the world," or T.
Two years Milton's junior, William Vorstius, the son of the influential Arminian theologian Conrad Vorstius, published his translation of the Pirkei de-Rabbi Eliezer with over one hundred pages of Animadversions (which together were published in the same volume with David Gans's Germen Davidis and Rambam's Letter to Yemen).
For an interesting precursor to this 19th-century idea, see the animadversions of 1 Thorillon, Idees sur les Loix Criminelles, Ou con Propose 460 Loix Nouvelles en Place de Celles qui Existent Aujourd'hui 109 (Paris, 1788).
For a further list of animadversions to Rosa's narration, see Rosemary Coleman, "Family Ties: Generating Narratives in Absalom, Absalom
Jenkins actually seemed to believe his assorted animadversions, more's the pity, for there are some judgments so mistaken that sincerity only aggravates them.
But all these animadversions are tangent to the real grievance, which is against the Bush administration.