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Synonyms for animadversion

harsh criticism or disapproval

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?Hubo amistad o animadversion entre Moliere, Corneille y Racine?
Paradojicamente, el fiel continuador de esta politica de consolidacion territorial que fue Julio II, modifico aquella animadversion hacia los Colonna por un acercamiento que cristalizo en la alianza matrimonial de 1506 entre ambas familias.
Through five focused case studies, or "close-analyses" (19), Nevitt discusses a range of genres and loci of female presence: animadversion, regicide pamphleteering, newsbooks, public demonstration, and petitioning.
This is neither a compliment nor an animadversion - just a conclusion.
After a century of animadversion, blamed by the Kipling tradition for wrecking race relations and promoting a stuffy society in India (but who, after all created the Anglo-Indian problem.