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harsh criticism or disapproval

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Gray's animadversion towards her is not grounded in the text and thus remains mysterious.
This animadversion is important, as we shall shortly see, because one might claim, as Russell expressly did and Diodorus Cronus ingeniously anticipated, that an arrow which is motionless at every instant can nevertheless change position by simply being in different places at different instants.
11) This type of reasoning prompted animadversion from within the Israeli military's hierarchy against Sharon; however, it must be mentioned that much of their disapproval might well have stemmed from his political affiliation with the Likud Party, for he was the only member of the Israeli military hierarchy not affiliated with the Labor Party.
45) Class S1 words: Pretonic heavy syllables get secondary stress: bandana, Nantucket, pontoon, canteen, centurion, cantankerous, bacteria, October, extrinsic, cognition, privation, vocation, citation, ejection, Halicarnassus, pithecanthropus, apothegmatic, animadversion
If I am allowed to revise my own short version of Canada's history, I suspect that Professor Cooper's animadversion on our self-righteous Canadian suppression of our slave-dependent past will squeeze out some space for Marie-Joseph Angelique.
The frequent and increasing resort to lynch law in our Southern States, in dealing with alleged offenses by negroes, marked as it is by features of cruelty which might well shock the sensibility of the most benighted savages, will not fail to attract the attention and animadversion of visitors to the World's Columbian Exposition.
In "Uncensored Gore," an interview in the November 14-20 issue of LA Weekly, an "alternative" (that is, rabidly left-wing) California paper, Vidal lets loose with a torrent of paranoid animadversion that should make his friends concerned for his sanity.
Let not this cruel, daring, unexampled act of publick corruption, guilt, and meanness, go down to a posterity, perhaps as careless as the present race, without its due animadversion, which will be best found in its own acts and monuments.
Martin de Riquer comments that 'es muy significativa [esta estrofa] porque en ella se manifiesta la animadversion del poeta, baron y guerrero, hacia los ricos burgueses, los mercaderes y los usureros, y considera que no tan solo es licito, sino honroso y conveniente, asaltarlos para robarles sus bienes y dinero'.
This is neither a compliment nor an animadversion - just a conclusion.
An editor at the Boston Globe Magazine a few years ago excised the word animadversion from an article I'd written, claiming that no one would know what it meant.
Moreover, one might ask, how, if we endorse Poe's attitude, circumvent his animadversion about length?
Ni puede ser tajante con ningun pretendiente, a riesgo de parecer "soberbia" (52) y despertar animadversion, ni tampoco puede evitar que el mas minimo de sus gestos de amabilidad sea igualmente objeto de interpretacion interesada, como sucede con su invitacion a don Pedro a dar un paseo por la huerta, que Luis tacha de "coqueteria, digna de reprobacion" (68).
There are other, related qualities here that subvert the expectation of mere argument, even mere animadversion.
26) For evidence of this situation, see Cardinal James Gibbons's animadversion in his popular apologetic Faith of Our Fathers 9-11, where he first addresses his intended reader, then crafts a fictional conversation between a Protestant minister and a convert to Catholicism: "My dear reader.