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(Jungian psychology) the inner self (not the external persona) that is in touch with the unconscious

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Between 1590 and 1595 Cavalieri had composed and presented three pastorales at the Florentine court, and although music and text are lost, Kirkendale considers them to be the "earliest operas" with music composed in the style of the later Anima e corpo (p.
In contrast to the received view of Aristotle giving a representationalist account of perception and thought, I shall sketch in this section what a reading of de Anima along the lines of a direct realism can look like.
As Jung writes, "In the same way that the anima gives relationship and relatedness to a man's consciousness, the animus gives to woman's consciousness a capacity for reflection, deliberation, and self-knowledge" ("Aion" 154).
The other artists represented at Anima and likely to have future exhibitions at the venue include the children of world-renowned Armenian painter Paul Guiragossian.
Anima Mundi had finished down the field after showing speed in the Windsor Castle Stakes on her previous start, and Dutfield wanted to give her a chance here, hence the drop in class and change in tactics.
Therefore, in addition to the common definition of soul--the one set forth in De Anima 2.
The result of this sort of calculating and egotistic rationalism is imprisonment in the pusilla anima, the small soul.
Berth occupancy was 35% at the port on Thursday where four ships namely CGM Corneille, Ikan Perang, RBD Anima e Core and Donga Peneus are currently occupying berths to load/offload containers, cement, furnace oil and edible oil respectively during last 24 hours.
ANIMA, the new show at the Unity, is a voyage beyond the imagination.
Bellucci analyzes a number of major areas in Melanchthon's thought, focusing on the Initia doctrinae physicae (1549), the Liber de anima (1540), and the Commentarius de anima (1550).
THE DE ANIMA POSES CERTAIN CHALLENGES to those readers who would like to see Aristotle self-bound to the principles of logographic necessity proposed by his teacher Plato.
One way to remain focused and attuned to the presence of Jesus within us is to recite the Anima Christi.
Leningrad Cowboys together with Anima Vitae, one of the leading animation studios in Nordic countries, released a Holiday Season film Dog'Y'Dog Christmas.
Sola restat hominis anima quae propter terrenum corpus singulorum corporum singulis quodammodo pulsata tumultibus assumit quidem ipsa per sensum has a mundi materia infectas similitudines idearum, colligit autem eas per phantasiam, purgat excolitque per rationem, ligat deinde cum universalibus mentis ideis"; see Klein, 49.
Rorty ("De Anima and its Recent Interpreters"); nineteen articles, mostly published here for the first time, by M.