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(Jungian psychology) the inner self (not the external persona) that is in touch with the unconscious

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The Anima singers have collaborated with the CSO for more than 50 years, Ellsworth says, since their founding by a former member of the Chicago Symphony Chorus.
As for 'The Origin of the World (Cassis Madagascariensis) Indian Ocean, 310', Anima Gallery says, Quinn presents a realistic shell cast in bronze, three metres high.
Keywords: Ramon Llull, Liber novus de anima rationali, Aristotelism, Medieval psychology.
We are mainly interested in all Mediterranean countries," Noutary said, adding that although ANIMA had not been very active in Lebanon in recent years, the group had come to appreciate the importance of developing new initiatives in the country, as well as in Jordan and Palestine.
Anima is an explosion of Namibian fashion, film, photography, sound and movement and boasts stars such as Shishani and Lize Ehlers who will be performing live and Steffen List (front man of amazing local band Tonetic) who is creating the original soundtrack.
According to Jung, it is one of the manifestations of anima implying protection and wisdom (Khattak, On Jung).
Anima veep Jose Carlos Garcia adds that the company is close to a deal for limited theatrical release and DVD sales in the U.
xvi), although this description certainly fits some of them (there is also a lack of consistency in the form and structure of Averroes's short commentaries; see Druart's 1994 study, cited in the bibliography, where she muses whether Averroes had read the De anima carefully before writing the short commentary on it).
Summary: Thanks to its economic reforms, Morocco stands among the few Mediterranean countries which were sheltered from the repercussions of the international financial crisis, General Delegate of ANIMA Investment Network Benedict de Saint-Laurent said on Wednesday.
Words from the Latin anima have something to do with having breath or spirit.
Inmortalizar al Chavo del Ocho en una serie de dibujos animados fue un golpe maestro de la productora mexicana Anima Estudios.
Anima, presented by Liverpool-based company Momentum, was performed in the city and toured the UK earlier this year.
The company will stage a new piece, Anima, described by the critics as a visual treat and offering an exploration of dreams.
The present volume, which is the revised version of the author's PhD dissertation at the University of Berlin, deals, as the title indicates, with the reception of the Aristotelian De anima in the late Renaissance and early modern period.
The Japanese animated movie ''Paprika'' by Japanese director Satoshi Kon on Sunday won the Prize of the Audience in the International Competition of Anima 2007, the Brussels anime festival.