aniline dye

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any of many dyes made from aniline

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For comparison the values of the rate coefficient were determined for a real BTW of aniline dye production.
When he wed chemical research to commerce and took out a patent for the manufacture of his aniline dyes, Perkin--and the techniques he pioneered--set in motion a revolution.
You can't buy natural indigo at reasonable cost anymore--if at all--but aniline dyes come in all colors, and are stable, long-lasting, and relatively inexpensive.
The coating contains a derivatized aniline dye covalently linked to silica particles <3 [micro]m in diameter (Degussa, Ridgefield Park, NJ), NaCMBTH, horseradish peroxidase, and various stabilizers embedded in an acrylic /polyethylene copolymer.
After removing the old cabinet and painting the inside of the newly created niche white, Rankin applied a coat of aniline dye to the new maple cabinetry under the counter.
He would dip them in bright yellow aniline dye from ICI which was then a major producer and tour the marKets across the north, selling an exotic species of canary.
Easily the most beautiful here is the simplest of all, the Untitled of 1963, depicting a single powdery "black hole" drawn upon muslin and heightened with aniline dye.
Sir William Perkin discovered the first aniline dye in 1856, the first famous artificial color to be derived from the distillation of coal tar.
The synthetic dye industry was born in 1856, when an English chemist, Sir William Henry Perkin, inadvertently created the first aniline dye while attempting to make quinine from coal-tar derivatives.[4] Perkin named his new dye aniline purple, but it soon became known as mauve after the French name for a flower with a similar color.
The walls and floor are integrally colored (the pigment was mixed into plaster and concrete) and an aniline dye stain highlights the wood grain of the cabinetry and the tapered window trim, which conceals shades.
An interesting feature of this project is the aniline dye stain we used to finish it.
"He was also routinely exposed to asbestos on plumbing jobs, when he disturbed pipe lagging at places like the Clayton Aniline dye factory and the ICI chemical plant.
Exposure to certain industrial chemicals, such as aniline dyes, benzidine and xenylamine, is also thought to be linked to a higher rates of bladder cancer.
'From the late 1860s there was an explosion of colour, as the Navajo had access to aniline dyes at trading posts,' says Scott Edwards of Shiprock Santa Fe.