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oily poisonous liquid amine obtained from nitrobenzene and used to make dyes and plastics and medicines

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Sea-Bird was always travelling smoothly, never far from the firing line, and having turned for home a close fourth he advanced to join Anilin and Marco Visconti at the head of affairs soon afterwards.
Hemolize yol acan sik kullanilan ilac ve kimyasallar Sitma ilaclari Sulfonamid ve sulfonlar Primakin Sulfanilamid Pentakin Sulfasetamid Pamakin Sulfapiridin Kinin Sulfametoksazol Dapson Diger anti bakteriyeller Analjezik ve antipiretikler Nitrofurantoin Asetanilid Nalidiksik asit Asetilsalisilik asit Kloramfenikol Siprofloksasin Digerleri Probenesid Dimerkaprol Vitamin K analoglan Naftalin Metilen mavisi Askorbik asit Anilin Antistin Bakla Paraaminobenzoik asit
There is no requirement that a process be exactly repeatable or produce exactly the same result each time it is performed; so long as the result achieved is consistent with the result promised by the inventor then the disclosure requirements will have been met and the process will be 'useful': Badische Anilin und Soda Fabrik v Levinstein (1887) 12 App Cas 710, 712 (Lord Halsbury LC); Mentor Corporation v Hollister Inc [1993] RPC 7; Lane-Fox v The Kensington and Knightsbridge Electric Lighting Co (Ltd) (1892) 9 RPC 413, 417-18 (Lindley LJ), 421 (Kay LJ).
By 1923, pioneering German chemist Carl Bosch had been managing director of the Badische Anilin und Soda Fabrik (BASF) Company for four years.
The endophyte detection in harvested seeds was made by soaking them for 48 h in 3% (v/v) sodium hydroxide solution, rinsing with tap water, and then staining with anilin blue.
Nonetheless, the principle is well established in the cases: "If a person innocently uses a patented invention, not knowing that there is a patent, he is none the less an infi5nger, and if a person innocently buys a patented invention from a licensee and uses it not knowing that there are limits on the licence, I conceive that he is equally an infringer" (Badische Anilin und Soda Fabrik, supra note 73 at 611).
Back in 1865, when Friedrich Engel-horn established Badische Anilin & Soda Fabrik, he had a concept known as the "Verbund." This same approach holds today, but which is networked beyond the walls of strictly BASF facilities.
You may probably have observed the production of synthetic alcohol as brought by the Badische Anilin and Soda Fabrik [BASF of I.G.
It is due to long-term exposure to environmental contaminants, especially what's now getting a lot of attention, the organochlorines in drinking water, but also anilin dyes.
The pollen was stained and fixed with a drop of Anilin Blue in lactophenol (Radford et al.
This massive 3-kg picture book was published by the Badische Anilin -- und Sodafabrik as a souvenir to its 125th anniversary.
The Badische Anilin Sodafabrik (now BASF) was founded originally to produce dyes and the inorganic chemicals needed for doing so on April 1865 in Ludwigshafen, Germany.