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oily poisonous liquid amine obtained from nitrobenzene and used to make dyes and plastics and medicines

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1974) Some metal halide complexes of morpholine-4-thiocarbonic acid anilide.
For the two word squares shown above, all words were found in the OSPD3, except OLEANOL, PATULIN, ANILIDE, and ILIACUM.
Influence of thermal annealing on the thermodynamic and mass-transfer kinetic properties of 0and L-phenylalanine anilide on imprinted polymeric stationary phases.
In another study, TFR was exploited to carry out nucleophilic aromatic substitution reaction of nitrobenzene by a strong nucleophile like anilide salt of tetramethylammonium ion to give p-nitroso or nitro diphenylamine in a continuous manner.