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oily poisonous liquid amine obtained from nitrobenzene and used to make dyes and plastics and medicines

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1974) Some metal halide complexes of morpholine-4-thiocarbonic acid anilide.
1999), 13 weeks of exposure of 4-week-old rats to 3,3',4,4'-tetrachloroazoxybenzene, a contaminant of 3,4-dichloroaniline and the anilide herbicide Diuron, which acts through the aryl hydrocarbon receptor in a dioxin-like manner, decreased the motility but not the concentration of the epididymal spermatozoa.
Chemically, the new compounds can be described as anilide derivatives of 8-phenyxanthines and are structurally related to theophylline, which is approved to treat asthma.
In another study, TFR was exploited to carry out nucleophilic aromatic substitution reaction of nitrobenzene by a strong nucleophile like anilide salt of tetramethylammonium ion to give p-nitroso or nitro diphenylamine in a continuous manner.
Strain-dependent cytokine profile and susceptibility to oleic acid anilide in murine model of the toxic oil syndrome.