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of or like a feeble old woman

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Asmentire il luogo coniune di una discendenza diretta tra Pulcinella e Toto e anche Anile (Il cinema: 16-18).
Meantime, despite an Imad Ali penalty, Marshalls went down 2-1 at home to South Liverpool Reserves who netted via Dave Mee and Chris Anile.
"De Stahl!, the anile slob, would make Bob Lowell sleep seven nights a week and twice on Sundays in that venerable twenty-room pile provided for his third in command at the yard.
Anile et al., "Spontaneous chronic subdural hematomas in young adults with a deficiency in coagulation factor XIII.
(9.) Venuta F, Anile M, Diso D, Ibrahim M, De Giacomo T, Rolla M, et al.
Within the definition and the justification of the partial thermal equilibrium state, Anile and Muscato [29] derived the results (11) and (12) as [[??].sub.<ijr>] = 0 and [[??].sub.ijrr] = (5/2)(([n([k.sub.B]T).sup.2])/m*)[[delta].sub.ij] which were obtained with the drift-Maxwellian assumption.
James Anile III is editor of the Daily Caller News Foundation.
Andreetti, C., Venuta, F., Anile, M., De Giacomo, T., Diso, D., Di Stasio, M., ...
Venuta, F , Giacomo, T , Rendina, E , Ciccone, A , Diso, D , Perrone, A , Parola, D , Anile, M y Coloni, G 2005 Bronchoscopic lung-volume reduction with one way valves in patients with heterogeneous emphysema.
AS PART OF CULP INC.'s restructuring of its upholstery fabrics business, Dominick Anile has been named vice president of sales and Liam Waters has been named director of design and merchandising for upholstery fabrics.