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of or like a feeble old woman

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Venuta F, Anile M, Diso D, Ibrahim M, De Giacomo T, Rolla M, et al.
James Anile III is editor of the Daily Caller News Foundation.
Venuta, F , Giacomo, T , Rendina, E , Ciccone, A , Diso, D , Perrone, A , Parola, D , Anile, M y Coloni, G 2005 Bronchoscopic lung-volume reduction with one way valves in patients with heterogeneous emphysema.
s restructuring of its upholstery fabrics business, Dominick Anile has been named vice president of sales and Liam Waters has been named director of design and merchandising for upholstery fabrics.
may feast our eyes on the swarthy Champion of Swat, shouting now and then in an excess of anile idolatry, 'Come on, you Babe.
Quo tinctus undis baptismi piacularibus, anile commentum est; eum tunc, abiectis bufonibus, lilia pro symbolo usurpasse, quae neque memorant antiqui scriptores neque ulla Regis monumenta subministrant," 177.
Benton, 2000; Forey, 2001, 2002 and other articles in the February 2002 issue of the journal Taxon; Dyke, 2002; other articles in this issue of the Botanical Review), while the response by advocates has been anile (de Queiroz & Cantino, 2001; Bryant & Cantino, 2002).
At the heart of the social work endeavor is the formation of a therapeutic alliance and, as we have argued elsewhere, social workers often are sought to provide assessments in difficult situations, such as court-mandated evaluations, because of their ability to join with an individual or family to develop a more authentic understanding of their situations and attitudes (Regehr & Anile, 1997).