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not affected by jaundice

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24 Various fetal complications have also been observed in hepatitis E virus positive mothers, which include increased fetal loss, intrauterine fetal death, premature rupture of membrane, premature birth of babies, hypoglycemia, icteric and anicteric acute hepatitis.
However, the specimen was anicteric and the icteric index was 1 (approximately 1 mg/dL or 17 [micro]mol/L).
Her skin was dry without hyperpigmentation, and her sclerae were anicteric.
The disease has a wide spectrum of clinical symptoms, varying from mild anicteric infection to a severe haemolytic syndrome.
Field research assistants conducted in-depth interviews with 100 randomly-selected respondents to understand local perceptions of jaundeesh among anicteric respondents.
Mild form of leptospirosis has been defined at mild to moderate intoxication, anicteric or mild icterus, without hemorrhagic diathesis, without involvement of respiratory, cardiac and central nervous system (CNS), with mild renal dysfunction without acute renal failure (ARF).
After 3 months of follow-up, the patient is asymptomatic and is anicteric.
Three cases of anicteric leptospirosis from Turkey: Mild to severe complications.
Her pupils were equally round and reactive, and her sclerae were anicteric.
Two general clinical patterns of disease, anicteric and icteric forms are recognized.
She was anicteric, pyrexial and pale and had no peritonitism.
On examination, the patient was confused, drowsy, pale, anicteric, afebrile, and dehydrated.
Physical examination revealed an extremely distended and tense abdomen, severe caput medusae, a readily reducible umbilical hernia, and anicteric sclera.