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not affected by jaundice

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At presentation, he was chronically ill looking with a toxic facie, febrile (temperature 38.5[degrees]C), pale, dehydrated, anicteric, and had no pedal edema.
At this stage, the possibility of either hyperemesis gravidarum or anicteric hepatitis was very low and we still inferred that abnormal structure of the intestinal tract or bowel obstruction existed even if the MRI and UGIE result did not support this diagnosis.
Icteric and/or anicteric illness with renal, hepatic, and pulmonary manifestations occurs in dogs [4].
Examination finding at admission revealed an acutely ill-looking neonate who was globally pink and she was febrile with temperature of 37.7[degrees]C and she was anicteric and not dehydrated.
The abnormality of liver function tests is particularly important in anicteric patients who may have unsuspected disorders such as viral hepatitis, chronic active hepatitis, cirrhosis or partial bile duct obstruction.
Physical examination revealed a wellnourished young woman, afebrile, anicteric, not pale and well hydrated, with a dumbbellshaped mass on the right lumbar region of the abdomen extending to the right thigh and measuring 25 x 20 cm (Fig.
Fearon, "Contribution of anorexia and hypermetabolism to weight loss in anicteric patients with pancreatic cancer," The British Journal of Surgery, vol.
She was anicteric and had bilateral pitting pedal edema up to the knee.
However, the specimen was anicteric and the icteric index was 1 (approximately 1 mg/dL or 17 [micro]mol/L).
Her skin was dry without hyperpigmentation, and her sclerae were anicteric. A musculoskeletal examination revealed tenderness of the metacarpophalangeal and metatarsophalangeal joints without edema, deformity, or evidence of synovitis.
The disease has a wide spectrum of clinical symptoms, varying from mild anicteric infection to a severe haemolytic syndrome.