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ANI will also play an active role in identifying potential test item writers for the Informatics Exam.
There were no differences between those with piriformis tenderness and those with levator ani tenderness in age (mean 30 years), pain duration, or sexual abuse history.
Ani Barseghian's eye was damaged from flying glass, but doctors told her Wednesday that she would not lose her sight.
Ani looked at the piles of other people's laundry her mother had washed by hand early in the morning.
In the wrong hands, ANI can provide criminals with personal information about anyone placing a call to them.
That same call sifting can be done at home, and much of the ANI pitch is aimed at the residential market.
He continued, "The wholesale voice business is in a very exciting time of its evolution and ANI Networks is uniquely positioned to provide scalable telecommunications and software based solutions with a keen focus on enabling our customers to excel in the marketplace.
Bonifacino joined ALEX AND ANI in 2010, and currently oversees digital marketing, online advertising, social media and e-commerce.
The merged company will take BioSante's corporate structure but will be rebranded as ANI Pharmaceuticals.
But the person who does the most to prepare Ani to lead is her father's sister.
23 (ANI): In view of the growing demand of competent media professionals in the ever-expanding media industry, Asian News International (ANI), India's only multimedia news agency, has recently opened ANI School of Media Studies in New Delhi.
Singura exceptie la nivel statal este constituita de Austria, care in urma unei reforme a legii electorale realizata in 2007, a coborat varsta minima de vot de la 18 la 16 ani, oferind in acelasi timp dreptul la vot pasiv la implinirea varstei de 18 ani (2).
Ani Patel, a high-school freshman from just outside of Rochester, N.
ANI Pharmaceuticals has announced a major expansion of its Rx capabilities with the acquisition from Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
LAS VEGAS -- ANI Networks is pleased to announce Denise McCue as its new Chief Executive Officer.