absolute alcohol

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pure ethyl alcohol (containing no more than 1% water)

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Another trick of the trade, which anyone can use (even in your diesel car or pickup), is to add a cup or two of anhydrous alcohol (the kind you can buy at the discount store) to vehicle fuel tanks which are suspected to have water.
The US$10 million distillery, processing Brazilian sugarcane based hydrous alcohol into anhydrous alcohol for re-export, will have an initial production capacity of 150 million liters a year.
The anhydrous alcohol in FO[TM] has essentially no water content, which is important in optic fiber cleaning.
As Italy notified the Commission, on March 2, that it wanted to change the formula of a denaturing agent, and the Committee gave the go-ahead on October 1, the Commission has allowed Italy to change the formula per hectolitre or anhydrous alcohol by replacing the CI acid colouring by CI Reactive Red 24 in the formula.