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Synonyms for anhydrosis

failure of the sweat glands

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Trophic and vasomotor changes: Anhydrosis in 21 cases, thickened ulnar nerve found in 31 cases unilateral, 5 cases bilateral ulnar thickening, thickened and great auricular nerve in 6 cases, thickened radial cutaneous nerve in 4 cases, thickened medial cutaneous nerve of forearm in 1 case, thickened cutaneous nerve of upper arm on right side, thickened common peroneal nerve in 17 cases.
Anhydrosis or loss of sweating is also an important feature of this condition resulting in repeated episode of hyperpyrexia and febrile fits.
peripheral nerve injuries have specific patterns with autonomic changes, such as anhydrosis of the same area and weakness of denervated muscles
As the parasympathetic system is unopposed, there will be pupil miosis as well as hemi-facial anhydrosis (reduced sweating on the affected side).
Anhydrosis can develop slowly over a period of time or suddenly.
Neurological examination revealed the clinical picture of Horner's syndrome with mild left-sided ptosis, miosis and anhydrosis of the left side of the face.