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fish-eating bird of warm inland waters having a long flexible neck and slender sharp-pointed bill

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Florida fishermen know each anhinga produces 50 pounds of guano for every bluegill he eats.
Season Taxon SP SU F W Ducks C R C C Grebes R U U R Pelicans -- -- -- R Anhingas R R R -- Cormorants U C C U Bitterns R R R R Herons/egrets C C A C Night-herons U C C U White ibises A C A A Dark ibises A C A A Spoonbills U U C U Storks -- U U -- Coots U X -- C Shorebirds C U A U Gulls C U U A Terns U R U U Legend.
Cormorants, anhingas, gulls, terns, and kingfishers were recorded at the site in each year but never in the large numbers as reported at other crawfish production areas in the region (Huner and Musumeche 1999, Huner et al.
Agonistic interactions among Anhingas have been recorded at perches and breeding sites with males being more aggressive than females (Orta 1992, Frederick and Siegel-Causey 2000).
We watched Anhingas in the morning or afternoon with the naked eye and through a 70300 telephoto zoom lens mounted on a SLR camera from a distance of 3-15 m from 7 January to 31 March 2011.
Anhingas vocalize at breeding sites or at perches (Orta 1992, Frederick and Siegel-Causey 2000), although vocalization at a foraging site seems unrecorded to date.
Anhingas perch near basking alligators to dry their wings, lending a primeval appearance to the scene.
Anhingas and cormorants--large birds that fish underwater, then drape themselves in nearby trees to dry--abound here.
Tamiami Trail, Alligator Alley (I-75), and Florida Route 29 cross the preserve, offering brief glimpses of anhingas, cormorants, belted kingfishers, and waders fishing in roadside canals.
A tree-covered center islet teemed with white ibis, wood storks and anhingas stretching their wings to dry.
Close to the Royal Palm Visitor Center is the Anhinga Trail, great for kids, with the most exciting alligator activity of all.
The groups fear that the killing of cormorants could also harm other migratory birds who are easily mistaken for double-crested cormorants, such as anhingas and neotropic cormorants, as well as disturb the nests and habitat of endangered and threatened species such as the piping plover, least tern, bald eagle, and wood stork.
In the Flamingo Area at Eco Pond, visitors can spot red-shouldered hawks, warblers, and anhingas.
In addition to being a great bird-watching trail, the Royal Palm Area's half-mile Anhinga loop is one of the best ways to observe other park wildlife, including alligators, close up.