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an inability to experience pleasure

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These findings indicated that social anhedonic characteristics were associated with both dimensions of the schizotypy.
What sometimes seems an irritable reaching after fact and reason leaves historicism open to charges of pedantry, dogmatism, and an anhedonic orientation toward literary form's most basic operations: irony, allegory, and, of course, poetic displacement.
Dunlop's impression is that atypical antipsychotics may be particularly effective as adjunctive therapy for the anhedonic symptoms of depression, though there are no solid data to back that up.
Psychological hedonism and the nature of motivation: Bertrand Russell's anhedonic desires.
This is important, since most people who have suffered trauma are primarily anhedonic (numb) (Smith, 1987) and alexithymic (unable to recognize and name feelings) (Krystal, 1988).
Huxley described himself as "by temperament extremely anti-social," but he was not anhedonic, and the pleasure he took in art, literature, close friendships, and the ordinary processes of life, are plain to see in his writings.
Patients who were anhedonic were more likely to commit suicide than nonhedonic patients.
Anhedonic as ever, Michaux began his hallucinogenic experiments in 1954 in anything but the spirit of what we now call "recreational.
He was also having difficulty sleeping, and was somewhat anhedonic and lethargic.