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Synonyms for angle

Synonyms for angle

to try to obtain something, usually by subtleness and cunning


the particular angle from which something is considered

the position from which something is observed or considered

a clever, unexpected new trick or method

to swerve from a straight line

to cause to move, especially at an angle

to direct (material) to the interests of a particular group

Synonyms for angle

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Lezyonlarda basmakla agri olmasi disinda subjektif yakinmasi olmayan hastanin, yapilan dermatolojik muayenesinde; sol post aurikular bolge ust kismindan baslayip asagida angulus mandibulada sonlanan dizi seklinde 0,5-1 cm capli eritemli noduller izlendi (Resim 1).
Commercial MTA materials such as ProRoot MTA (Tulsa Dental Products, Tulsa, OK, USA) or MTA Angulus (Industria de Produtos Odontologicos Ltda, Londrina, Brazil) are a mixture of Portland cement (PC), gypsum and bismuth oxide (BO).
uk); Dark purple boot with butterfly, pounds 65, Angulus (available at Funky Monkey Feet, Cardiff or online at www.
14) In addition, biopsies taken from the gastric angulus maximise the probability of detecting H.
8) Todavia podria aducirse, a favor del genero masculino, el hecho de que algunos textos medievales registran, con el mismo sentido, el sintagma angulus lacrimalis y, a veces, el simple adjetivo sustantivado, lacrimalis.
Boccaccio, for one, held to the traditional Roman view that England was remotissimus orbis angulus, the farthest corner of the world).