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the precise measurement of angles

the act of making angulate (having corners)

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There was no significant difference (P>0.05) between groups A and B in terms of either sagittal or coronal plane fracture angulation over both immediate post-operative and the 11th to 12th postoperative week on orthogonal radiographic projections (Table 2).
To estimate the angulation of the Impacted mandibular third molars in three different age groups.
Angulation (Sagittal, coronal and rotational malalignment) at final follow-up (24 weeks),
And for cranial base angulations measured were, NSBa and NSAr
The distal end of the third stent-graft was just distal to the level of aortic extensive angulation.
There was no statistically significant difference between groups in terms of postoperative prothesis alignment in radiographs such as flexion of the femoral component (p=0.544), posterior tibial slope (p=0.511) and varus-valgus angulation of the tibial component (p=0.358).
Another aim was to assess the changing of Limb Length Discrepancy (LLD) and angulation degree with prolonged follow-up time and to evaluate whether the patient had a functional problem because of this situation.
The smaller recording dimension may cut off the roots, to help avoid this problem slightly increase the vertical angulation of the x-ray cone to capture root surfaces (1).
Group A (n=79): Patients with a right septal deviation accompanied by hard palate angulation.
That back needs to be opened if the bones are shattered into too many pieces rendering the spine unstable, if there's loss of vertebral body height, if there is nerve or spinal cord injury, if there is excessive forward bending or angulation at the site of injury.
There was a statistically significant association between fracture angulation and a patient having multiple radiograph series (p = 0.0021).
Problems such as angulation of the inadequate implant are more easily solved with cemented prostheses, in addition to situations such as limited mouth opening, implant placed in the distal position or located in the posterior region, and aesthetic factor which contraindicates the screwed prosthesis and require a cemented prosthesis [6].
Thus, in keeping with current standard of practice [1], radial neck fractures with <30[degrees] angulation and less than 3-4 millimeters of translation are usually best treated with closed reduction and casting.