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Synonyms for angulate

make or become angular

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having angles or an angular shape


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Historically, I used the angulating 5-mm Endo Grasp and a 0-Vicryl suture on a CT-2 needle and secured the stitch on both ends with absorbable Lapra Ty anchors (Ethicon Endo-Surgery).
Even in the most severe Arctic conditions, Coxy has his players out on the training ground angulating, traversing and side slipping all in the name of the oval ball.
A fiberglass shell is mounted on two independently angulating skis on which a person can carve a downhill parallel turn by using arm-held outriggers.
The antral component of the polyp can be removed endoscopically via a middle meatal antrostomy with a 30[degrees] 45[degrees], or 70[degrees] telescope, amicrodebrider, and angulating cup forceps.