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Synonyms for angulate

make or become angular

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having angles or an angular shape


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Initially, patients with levamisole-induced cutaneous vasculopathy will develop painful, palpable purpura with angulated borders and a necrotic center.
UEscope is a VL with angulated blade or Miller blade available for use in patients from neonates to large adults and can provide high-quality, magnified airway images on a 2.
Type 1, uniform pigmented lesion; type 2, uniform pigmented lesion with gray halo; type 3, uniform pigmented lesion with lacunae; type 4, pigmented lesion with deep surrounding atrophy; type 5, previously described lesion attributed to Ebola (8); type 6, angulated lesions (peripapillary and/or peripheral); type 7, indistinct small pigmented lesions; type 8, irregularly pigmented vascular projection lesion; type 9, pigmented curvilinear peripheral bands; type 10, optic disc projection to macula lesion.
A, Angulated glands within an area of scarring can mimic invasive glands.
In the previous studies, the analysis showed that it is important to have the following information about the dental procedures; relative depth, morphology , root angulaion , tooth angulation , relationship of the tooth to the ramus , position of the tooth in relation to the long axis of the second molar and relative angulated position.
Clues to factitial dermatitis include linearity and unnaturally appearing defects with angulated borders.
8) In 1881 at the same time Johann Von Mikulicz constructed a gastroscope that was angulated to 30 degrees at the distal third of a hollow tube.
In both cases, the presence of branch arteries near the aneurysms and angulated patient anatomy limited the available treatment options.
H & E stained sections showed fragments of respiratory epithelium in which there were islands of atypical cells comprising angulated nuclei and forming variably sized well demarcated lumen, with features consistent with metastatic ACC.
The coronary angiography in April 2008 revealed an occluded LIMA graft with an angulated lesion of 70% stenosis at the middle segment of the LAD artery.
The curved angulated blade and the patented prism technology allow clinicians to "look around the corner," resulting in a faster and more successful intubation versus direct laryngoscopy.
Pathological findings of the biopsied specimens from colon mucosa showed diffuse infiltrate of intermediate size, atypical lymphoid cells with angulated nuclei and occasional small nucleoli consistent with NHL (Figure 3).
Preservation of tooth structure: No or little hard or soft tissues are required to modify like preparation of occlusal rest, making path of insertion by correcting angulated teeth.
3 The pathogenic mechanisms are pressure necrosis from the tube-tip and an angulated neck of the tube rendering the anterior tracheal mucosa ischaemic and eroding the innominate-artery.
Interlacing bundles of collagen and spindle-shaped, angulated or stellate fibroblasts were seen.