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Synonyms for angulate

make or become angular

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having angles or an angular shape


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Special large port, angulated instruments and scopes are needed for better dissection.
Upon a failed attempt of fourth stent-graft placement with a longer distal tip part (46x160 mm, Lifetech Scientific) covering angulated area, the stent-graft was removed.
manauara, that it is also present) and digitus narrow, rounded dorsally and angulated ventrally, with basal region slightly larger than apical region.
Super-flexible TTS-SEMS is designed though the scope that avoids disturb of long distances and angulated colon makes it smooth arrive to obstruction colon and pass it.
The Macintosh-type and angulated blade-type VL seem more likely to be utilised by experienced anaesthesiologists with traditional direct laryngoscopy.
Five main positive indicators of MIS were identified in multivariate analysis: atypical network, regression, irregular hyperpigmented areas, prominent skin markings, and angulated lines (3.7-, 4.7-, 5.4-, 3.4-, and 2.2-fold, respectively).
'This can affect blood circulation; there will be a point that the blood vessel will be angulated. Blood flow will be impeded, so it will not be as free as it should,' he added.
Both authors individually reviewed all radiographs to identify patients who had a buckle fracture that was undisplaced and either not angulated or angulated less than 10 degrees (see Figure 1).
Rotational atherectomy (RA) can facilitate lesion and stent expansion in severely calcified lesions especially in patients undergoing hemodialysis [4]; however, its utility is limited in tortuous and angulated coronary arteries, with an increased risk of vessel perforation and difficulty in delivery of the RA burr.
Repeat endoscopy showed multiple ulcerated lesions of the gastric mucosa (Figure 1) with a biopsy that revealed necrotic debris with acute leukocytic exudate and numerous variably sized, 90-degree angulated fungal hyphae favoring mucormycosis (Figure 2).
The clinical examination revealed classical features of this syndrome including small hypertelorism, mild ptosis, downslanting palpebral fissures, low-set and posteriorly angulated ears, high arched palate, short neck, and pectus excavatum (Figure 1).
A few of the glands were angulated and concerning invasion but lacked a definitive desmoplastic response (Figure 1).
The key characteristics for a sulcus-based PCIOL include (1) a large optic and tip-to-tip size for lateral stability; (2) long thin angulated haptics for iris clearance; and (3) an IOL made from a foldable material that allows for a smaller incision [1, 3].
The Wharton's duct is longer, has a larger caliber, and is angulated against gravity as it courses around the posterior aspect of the mylohyoid muscle, all of which results in a slower salivary flow rate.
The patient was given a diagnosis of levamisole-induced cutaneous vasculopathy based on her history of cocaine use; the typical, painful palpable purpura with angulated borders and a necrotic center (retiform purpura); and positive immunologic markers.