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Synonyms for angular

Synonyms for angular

Synonyms for angular

having angles or an angular shape


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Extreme malalignments for people with TTA who use prostheses were on the order of [greater than or equal to] 3[degrees] angularly or [greater than or equal to] 10 mm linearly in magnitude in both the sagittal and coronal planes and are still judged acceptable by experienced prosthetists and prosthesis users alike.
Up front is Skoda's smarter corporate grille, flanked by angularly confident headlights and sitting above a full width air intake.
For this test, prevalence data was previously transformed angularly (arc sine) and samples of hosts were separated into standard length classes (Zar, 2010).
Standard qualifications tests per ASTM D4161 require the joint to withstand a two times pressure class test and a partial vacuum both while in an angularly deflected alignment and under severe shear load to assure an absolutely water tight joint.
Segmentation was done angularly, by a simple greedy algorithm: the angle to each stroke was measured from the estimated clock center, the angular differences ordered, and the (up to) 12 largest angular differences taken as segmentation points.
32) The truth was, however, that it had already led to a sharp spat as early as 1924, when the government of the Irish Free State insisted on submitting to the League for registration the 1921 agreement angularly entitled Articles of Agreement for a Treaty between Great Britain and Ireland.
The near-eye display devices in the headset have angularly multiplexed holograms to transmit images from the display device (eg.
His beaklike nose extends in a continuous arc from his large brow and balding forehead, contrasting with the images of the visibly white clients' noses, which all protrude angularly from their faces.
In general, the ceramic cross-sections showed dominant quartz, plagioclase and K-feldspars that were uniformly distributed throughout the ceramic fabric and often had a bimodal grain-size (typically < 50 [micro]m and 100-300 [micro]m), which together with the occurrence of angularly shaped larger grains suggest excessive tempering.
15x as long as wide, angularly dilated at midlength on inner side; A5 half as long as A4; A6 1.
decays in flight and the annihilation [gamma]-rays are angularly correlated.
Arguably, it is a more sophisticated form and less angularly aggressive.
1] are angularly rotated (with respect to center of SRR section) clockwise and anti-clockwise from Y axis respectively, with orientations of 45[degrees] (Case 1), 90[degrees] (Case 2) and 135[degrees] (Case 3).
The basic principle consists in discretizing the transmitted wavefront into Q angularly equidistant rays which number is given by (3), where T [member of] 1, 2, 3,.