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Synonyms for angularity

a shape having one or more sharp angles

the property possessed by a shape that has angles

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Residual correlation values, lower than those obtained by angularity, were observed between all the type traits with MY, FY, and PY, where most were close to nullity (Table 4), suggesting that these two categories of traits are not influenced by the same environmental factors.
Determination of fine aggregate angularity in relation with the resistance to rutting of hot-mix asphalt, Construction and Building Materials 19(2): 155-163.
Audiences hardly knew what to make of the harsh angularity of the Cotsworld Symphony (1899) and the astrological mysticism of The Planets (1914-1915).
The topics include cartography and remote sensing for analyzing coastal erosion, controlling salt water intrusion due to sea level rise in the coastal zone of Bangladesh, the relation between natural cleansing effect and angularity of coastal gravel, and hydrodynamic forces acting on an oscillating structure.
Curves or ovals will diffuse the angularity of your jaw and forehead and add femininity," Norman advises.
She has mastered the pizzazz of Slaughter on Tenth Avenue (above), the dreaminess of the Sleepwalker in Sonnambula, and the bold angularity of Agon.
I gave Beretta immediate credit for the walnut stock, nicely checkered and fitted, and for the notable lack of angularity in the trigger group and stock profile.
Such aggregate increases the internal friction of the material and makes it more durable, but greater angularity also increases the force required to mix and place the aggregate, especially in coarse gradations.
That building, with its sharp angularity and its boldly cantilevered balconies, bespeaks a residual brutalist aesthetic that would not reappear in his work.
Here, it was easy to detect how Berg would later produce the angularity of his opera Lulu, or the intensity of the tragedy Wozzeck.
Mezzo Stato" regrets the transformation of the prairie from a realm of ancient peace into a place where cars now speed on by toward some destination, some "frantic angularity," that "these contrivances screaming seek, /welded and bolted and strapped together, /metal and rubber and mammal.
This combination makes for an intriguing mix of cool angularity and melodic lyricism.
This provider of testing equipment designed to evaluate mechanical properties of materials and components offers its enhanced AlignPro system for real-time concentricity and angularity adjustment under load.