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Synonyms for angularity

a shape having one or more sharp angles

the property possessed by a shape that has angles

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In the hypothesis, the shape of coarse aggregate is assumed as equivalent ellipse, and the equivalent ellipse has the same major and minor axes, but has no angularity, as shown in Figure 1.
As shown in (1), it is known that the angularity index quantifies changes along a particle boundary regardless of its size.
The fifteen linear type traits included stature, chest width, body depth, angularity, rump angle, rump width, rear legs set, rear legs rear view, foot angle, fore udder attachment, rear udder height, central ligament, udder depth, teat placement rear view and fore teat length.
With the exception of final score, described earlier, the angularity of the cows was the trait that showed higher residual correlation with MY (0.21), FY (0.17), and PY (0.19), followed by height and rear udder width (Table 4).
"There should not be any political angularity to it.
Because of the angularity of the pitmans, the downstroke was faster.
The calculator provides tolerances for linear dimensions, parting lines, moving die components, angularity, concentricity, parting line shift and flatness.
A brochure on the exhibit claims that the collection "addresses the dialogue between the angularity of a letter form and the cursive quality of pseudo calligraphy".
Camel Suspect Terrane Provenance: The angularity of silisiclastic grains of Tokerau clastic indicates a relative low amount of sediment transport from its source (Plate 1).
There was the beautifully sonorous bass of Dawn, the emphasised angularity of Sunday Morning and a powerfully deep Moonlight movement, in which the brass and percussion simple excelled.
"Every country has its own angularity and approach towards the United Nations reforms.
The two moods of the last movement were inspired by "The Winds of Fate," written in 1916 by American poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox, and are characterized by Prince as "angular and restive" and "energetic and hopeful." The angularity is achieved through rhythm, accents, and disjunct melodic lines.
Stuck.' But while Bourgeois' sculpture is relatively restrained, its angularity and isolation only hinting at her angst, Paul McCarthy's White Snow #3 (2012) is a characteristically gross-out work.