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Synonyms for angularity

a shape having one or more sharp angles

the property possessed by a shape that has angles

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We should begin to work in that spirit and in course of time all these angularities of the majority and minority community - the Hindu community and the Muslim community...
Yet the new 5 dwarfs the old, its keen angularities all filled inAuthe difference between Alec BaldwinAAEs cheeks in 1988AAEs AoBeetlejuiceAo and todayAAEs Ao30 RockAo.
The Kashmiri leader underlined the need for Pakistan, India and Kashmiri people to jointly draw and programme and sit together for a composite dialogue to address all angularities that exist at the moment in the spirit to restore the confidence.
She shows real sympathy for all three women while being able to look with a degree of humor on their angularities. As for Otar, the title figure, his is a presence that is almost never seen.
In Paris during the 1970s, Danielle discovers a cultural map of comforting symmetries and angularities. The French, she finds, live by a "coded" system of manners: "if you spoke properly and wore the right clothes, people left you alone." Frenchwomen, she decides with admiration, are "tougher than Canadians, as practical as men about love," and eager to teach a newcomer "how to tie scarves and where to put perfume." Danielle expands and exults in "this cool, tight place." And soon she falls in love with a young man she would have been unlikely to encounter in Toronto: Osman Harris, half Turkish, half English, a dealer in fine imported rugs.