angular velocity

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(physics) the rate of change of the angular position of a rotating body

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In terms of maximum angular velocity of pelvis rotation, the values for the Level and Net groups were different.
Differences between the groups for the concentric/eccentric peak torque per body weight (BW), isokinetic total work per BW, and knee angular velocity were analyzed using 1-way analysis of variance.
The yarn is rotating aroun the z axis with an angular velocity [omega].
I/E strength ratio was significantly higher in the control group at the same angular velocity (p < 0.
When the yam is being unwound from a cylindrical package, the angular velocity of the yam forming the balloon depends on three parameters: the package radius, the unwinding velocity, and the winding angle.
The DV-516E supports both standard 12cm and mini 8cm discs and the unit's Constant Angular Velocity (CAV) capabilities optimize the drive's throughput and reliability by rotating the disc at a consistent speed.
A cubic function that is continuous, and has a continuous first and second derivative is employed to represent the angular position of the motor the derivative of which gives the angular velocity.
An analysis of variance (ANOVA) was performed with the angular velocity of the bat and wrists as main effects.
During the test, a sequence of sinusoidal angular velocity signals is transmitted; peak amplitude is kept constant at approximately 60[degrees]/sec.
the axles of the rotating planet wheels turn at the same angular velocity as the extruder screw.
The particle charge and mass as well as the magnetic field are implicitly contained in the relative angular velocity [OMEGA].
So manufacturers started tweaking the relationship between their drives' constant linear velocity (CLV) and constant angular velocity (CAV) functions, and have thereby pushed rewriting up to 8X and 12X.
The angular velocity and angular and translational acceleration of the given part can also be output.
The angular velocity of the rotor is a trigonometric function of that blade angle, as shown in Figure 1.