angular velocity

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(physics) the rate of change of the angular position of a rotating body

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Since the initial angular velocity cannot be ensured constant through manual launching, a straight line, parallel to the plot of the symmetric rotor, is traced through the first point of the graph of the unbalanced rotor.
In forehand strokes high values of maximal angular velocity were recorded for shoulders rotation towards the non-playing side (VmaxSRot), the highest for FH3.
After warming up, they performed 10 concentric-concentric flexion and extension contractions at 60[degrees], 90[degrees], 120[degrees], 150[degrees] and 180[degrees]/sec angular velocity with 20 sec rests rest between each angular velocity and five-min rest between the right and left knees.
The kinematic research begins when the angular velocity ra5 of the rocker arm 5 is arbitrarily assigned in magnitude and direction similar to a link, which according to the formula of the structure of the mechanism is another arbitrarily possible driving link of the mechanism: on the velocity diagram let us mark vectors [??]d of arbitrary length in the direction along the perpendicular to the line DK, the direction of the angular velocity [[omega].sub.5] is selected arbitrarily, for example clockwise.
As can be seen in Figure 9, the missile roll rate is almost zero; the yaw rate is very small, of which the maximum is only 0.047 deg/s; the pitch angular velocity changes dramatically.
The text is organized as follows: after this brief introductory part, we consider the kinematical problem of a rotating rigid body with fixed direction of the angular velocity vector using the projective vector-parameter construction discussed above, thus extending an old result due to O'Reilly and Payen [15].
The total force projection onto an O'x axis of the robot proportional to its linear velocity V , the total force projection onto an O'y axis of the robot proportional to its angular velocity [omega] (fig.
Measuring angular velocity with computer vision also has some defects, such as the environmental air quality and time-consuming process.
The angular velocity PT values of the extensor muscles at 60[degrees]/second and 180[degrees]/second and the TW values at 180[degrees]/second angular velocity were statistically significantly lower in the AS group than in the control group (p<0.05).
In order to avoid the lateral deviation in the ball trajectory (after the Oz direction), the Magnus force must remain in the xOy plane, that is, the angular velocity vector is perpendicular to this plane.
Maximum linear and angular velocity for all joints was significantly lower post fatigue for both preferred and non-preferred leg (P < 0.05).