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(physics) the rate of change of the angular position of a rotating body

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Maximal angular velocities during topspin forehand and backhand in selected joints are presented in Table 2.
There were no significant differences in the VAS-scores during the night, climbing stairs or walking; WOMAC subscores of pain, stiffness and function or total scores; Lequesne disability scores; peak torque values of knee flexion or extension measured at 60[degrees] and 180 [degrees]/sec angular velocities; patellar or femoral cartilage volumes before the interventions among the three groups.
The curves in Figures 23 and 24 show the pitch angular velocities and angular displacements of the missile at different elastic modulus.
The robot trajectory is smooth, linear and angular velocities change continuously (see fig.
[3] measured motor angular velocities with blur images which had motion information.
Muscle strength is measured more efficiently with tests performed with low angular velocities, while high angular velocities are useful for the detection of functional status and endurance of the muscle.
The mean and standard deviation values for maximum linear velocities, maximum segmental angular velocities and time to peak velocities across all testing conditions are presented in Table 1.
angular velocities. The trajectory profile of the projectile exhibits two different regimes.
Let the symmetric, closed interval ([r.sub.min], [r.sub.max]) be a set of all angular velocities that the object may assume.
The two angular velocities are perfectly identical, and this fact demonstrates the validity of the extended identification methodology.
The quaternion parameters and angular velocities are shown in Figures 1 and 2.
A knee joint angle is calculated as integral of difference between angular velocities measured from two gyroscopes are attached on the adjacent segment i.e.