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(physics) the rate of change of the angular position of a rotating body

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Muscle strength is measured more efficiently with tests performed with low angular velocities, while high angular velocities are useful for the detection of functional status and endurance of the muscle.
Because multiple sensor locations are not required, direct measurement of angular velocities is less susceptible to error from bias, drift, and misalignment.
Subsequently, the segmental linear and angular velocities and joint displacements were averaged for every 10% of each phase.
1], were used to normalize the torques obtained at the other angular velocities.
They report that flexion/extension angles and angular velocities of the hip, knee and ankle joints as well as rotation of the pelvis have been investigated by several authors in order to describe kicking kinematics (Levanon and Dapena, 1998; Nunome et al.
The angular velocities obtained from the rate gyro sensors include noises caused by various sources, such as the other parts' vibration and the characteristic of hardware [13].
7) with respect to time using Euler's identity and separating real and imaginary parts angular velocities of the links are expressed as follows:
Recent technological advances in the field of motion measurement techniques have opened up new perspectives in human movement analysis: instantaneous tridimensional (3D) linear accelerations and angular velocities of moving objects can be now measured directly on board using small inertial sensors such as accelerometers and gyroscopes, respectively [15].
The proposed optical layout allows reducing angular velocities of the system primary mirror during tracking, and can be used not only for filming but also for projecting images on dynamic objects, wherein the camera is replaced by a projector [8].
w], coming from angular motions of the missile deck and determined with the use of angular velocities [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], causing its rotation around individual axes of the system [OX.
The analysis of variance (ANOVA) test was used to compare normally distributed continuous variables (height, weight, FT3, FT4, the knee extensor peak torque at the angular velocities of 60[degrees]/s and 180[degrees]/s, the knee flexor peak torque at the angular velocities of 60[degrees]/s and 180[degrees]/s, the total work during knee flexion and extension at angular velocity of 180[degrees]/s) between the three groups.
In the present paper, results of measurements of the main parameters of an electric locomotive are presented, methods of electric quantities are developed, appropriate measuring transducers chosen and available ones modified, a telemetric system developed for measurement of torque, torsion oscillations and angular velocities on the drive axles, and a novel measuring-acquisition system for testing the service characteristics of new or modernised electric traction vehicles was developed and realised.
By measuring the linear and angular velocities of the ball at the instant of release, a bowler can understand the precise release conditions that dictate the motion of the ball in the lane thereafter.
The significance of a study of this problem is to analyze the three dimensional MHD flow of non-coaxial rotating porous disk with nearly the same angular velocities to expedite the situation of a gyroscopic motion in determining the behavior of a MHD flow with reference to blowing and suction in taking into account of force and torque that become relevant to the presence of vorticity.