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Based on our results, the profile of mucocutaneous lesions in pSS patients was consistent with previous literature.[4],[6],[11],[12],[13],[14],[15] Purpuric eruptions was the most common form, followed by urticaria, Raynaud's phenomenon, and angular stomatitis. These four forms composed more than 88% of the total mucocutaneous lesions.
From previous study, we confirmed the presence or absence of the seven signs: furred tongue, tongue plaque, mucous membrane rubefaction, angular stomatitis (ulceration), presence of tingling pain (pain and/or burning sensation), dysgeusia, and denture plaque.
A combination of angular stomatitis, oesophageal web and iron deficiency anemia established the diagnosis of Plummer Vinson Syndrome.
In January 2007, AMDA and CDC, at the request of UNHCR and the World Food Programme (WFP), conducted a nutritional survey of children aged 6-59 months, assessing 1) the prevalence of acute malnutrition, chronic malnutrition, underweight, anemia, and angular stomatitis (i.e., riboflavin deficiency); 2) the cumulative incidence of diarrhea and acute respiratory illness (ARI); and 3) the feeding practices of the children's mothers.
B-complex vitamins deficiency: Over 3 per cent mothers had oral lesions like angular stomatitis and glossitis suggestive of B-complex vitamins deficiency with no difference between groups I and II (Table VI).
IT sounds as if you have Angular Stomatitis, which is the name for the redness and small paper cuts that you can get at the side of our mouth.
Other terms synonymous with angular cheilitis are perleche, commissural cheilitis, and angular stomatitis.
CRACKED sore areas in the corner of the mouth (angular stomatitis) are a recognised sign of an altered bite caused by ill-fitting dentures.
There was bilateral angular stomatitis with epithelial crust on the lips (fig.1).The skin appeared generally dry.