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relation by which any position with respect to any other position is established

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c] x [tau] is the angular position of the vector in the coordinate system d-q.
Usually, the traditional equipment for the measurement of the machine working device motion includes linear displacement sensors and angular position transducers.
The literature shows the variation in the frequency of occurrence of different angular positions and ramus relationship of the impacted lower third molar.
ATO reduces impact of disturbances in analog signals, provided by resolver, on the estimated angular position [8], [9].
The output vector y comprises of angular positions [[theta].
Caption: Figure 7: Results of simulation of the platform motion in the mode of prestabilization: (a) is transient of the given angular rate; (b) is error of the angular position determination.
Figure 5 shows that the controller estimates properly the angular position because it is identical to the measured angular position; therefore, the estimated velocity, shown in Figure 6, and the disturbances identified, shown in Figure 7, are very close to the actual velocity and disturbance, respectively.
The pure sinusoidal reference of the grid voltage thus obtained is input to a phase locked loop (PLL) and angular position of the rotating angular d-q frame can be obtained.
Numerical differentiation of the swing plane linear and angular position data yielded the linear acceleration of the hub path ([A.
The exoskeleton has angular position sensors in hips joints, knees and ankles, tilt sensor and accelerometers in lower links.
Internally, the interrogator functions like a spectral analysis system in which the optical return signal is imaged onto a CCD and the resultant spectral signature analyzed and converted to an angular position code.
Each channel accepts most 24V and 5V pulse and single-ended or differential incremental encoders, as well as SSI absolute types; this facilitates a wide range of length, position, speed and angular position measurement applications.
The autocollimator transfers the data to a computer 4 where the data of angular position of the rotary table are also transmitted.
At each angular position the transmission coefficient is measured from 75 to 110 GHz.
The controller transmits a burst of light to the code disk in the sensor, which accurately modulates the spectral components of the light based on angular position.