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relation by which any position with respect to any other position is established

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In this board, feedback is created by means of a high-frequency survey of absolute angular position sensors and, in accordance with the specified program or an external command from other modules, interaction with the control object (brake) occurs.
In [3], an angular position transducer is designed with various processing devices to convert an analog signal generated by polarizing light into a discrete output signal, utilizing a polarized disc with coded tracks.
The observed substantial range in the angular position of the trunk and relatively smaller range in the angular position of the knee suggests that while subjects generated D force during the knee extension, the largest portion of D force was generated during the trunk extension.
When the internal disturbance, external disturbances, and the angular position measurement noise are considered, the PMSM's speed subsystem [S.sub.1] can be transformed into the form of
where [U.sub.a]([tau]), [U.sub.b]([tau]) and [U.sub.c]([tau]) are the phase voltages of the three-phase system; [u.sub.d]([tau]) and [u.sub.q]([tau]) are the projections of the phase voltages on the axes of the rotating with frequency [[omega].sub.c] coordinate system d-q; [u.sub.0]([tau]) is the vector of the zero sequence equal to zero at zero initial conditions and the stator winding symmetry; [THETA] = [[omega].sub.c] x [tau] is the angular position of the vector in the coordinate system d-q.
The controller inputs in this case are the robot's angular position and velocity error.
with [[??].sub.1], [[??].sub.2] denoting the generalised positions and velocities; that is, [[??].sub.1] is the estimation of the joint angular position [[q.sub.1] [q.sub.2]] and [[??].sub.2] is the estimation of the joint angular velocities [[q.sub.1] [q.sub.2]] and [??] = [[[[??].sup.T.sub.1] [[??].sup.T.sub.1]].sup.T].
Each axis contains a torque motor for driving and a high precision resolver for angular position feedback.
Invoking the boundedness of the link angular velocity tracking error, we backward derive the link angular position tracking error to satisfy the prescribed performance.
In the way to determine the linear position of ([x.sub.CGcy]) in relation to the angular position of the crank 9 and the linear speed of the cylinder, the following geometrical relations are made out as presented in (2) to (4) [20].
Abstract: In this paper, a fuzzy PID controller is proposed for angular position control of a nonlinear propeller pendulum system.
[1], there is a need for the angular position and speed of a shaft to be measured using different types of capacitive sensors.