angular momentum

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the product of the momentum of a rotating body and its distance from the axis of rotation

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To test corkscrew-based entanglement, researchers led by Anton Zeilinger of the University of Vienna entangled pairs of photons (A and B) via polarization, then sent a bunch of photon B's through an instrument that converted polarization into orbital angular momentum.
To reach this ambitious objective, the SPIRE project will develop new groundbreaking equations, prescriptions, and scaling laws that describe coherently all dynamical mechanisms that transport angular momentum and drive tidal dissipation in stars using advanced semi-analytical modeling and numerical simulations.
Angular momentum is a measure of the amount of rotation a spinning object has.
One would also expect them to be created with high spin due to the conservation of the angular momentum of the collapsing (spinning) star.
Williams & Bhattacharjee (1979) and Bhattacharjee (1983) estimated a mass loss rate from the kinetic theory approach in explaining the distribution of spin angular momentum of the planets.
The idea with the yo-yo is to convert the potential energy to angular momentum of the yo-yo.
In considering the situation of a non-coaxial rotating porous disk it is stated that a large amount of energy is released due to a continuous blowing in the presence of spin of the angular momentum and the helical waves are generated from the gyroscopic motion that becomes an interesting application of atmospheric signal phenomena.
It is ruled out by what is known as conservation of angular momentum," says Yung Tae Kim, a skateboarder and physicist who helped design the game's skateboard controller.
Material from the secondary flows from the secondary towards the primary, but because it has substantial angular momentum it forms an accretion disc around the primary.
Early chapters give background on energy and angular momentum in reactions, spin control of chemical reactions, the MIE and its physics, and kinetics of isotope fractionation.
So, the Swiss bespoke watchmaker, Angular Momentum, has unveiled a limited- edition of five timepieces with Mumtaz Mahal and Shah Jahan on the dial.
The set of equations (Chung, 2006) is: continuity equation (1) for species k and fluid (2), momentum equation (3) for the mixture, angular momentum (4), the internal energy equation (5), and the state relation assumed for ideal gas mixture:
External perturbations applied to the body during gait, as observed during trips or slips, increase the angular momentum of the body [7-8].
The Trikke is powered by the rider's arm and leg muscles - along with the help of something called the convergence of angular momentum.