angular momentum

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the product of the momentum of a rotating body and its distance from the axis of rotation

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A complete, working optical angular momentum communications system capable of transmitting data wirelessly across free space has the potential to transform online access for developing countries, defense systems and cities around the world,' said Dr.
The spin current, namely the total angular momentum of moving electrons, is a behavior in topological insulators that could not be accounted for until a spin-sensitive method was developed, Li said.
This explains both the high conservation of angular momentum and the isotope mixing, though this is a still a theoretical model and not one we've observed in the real-world to date.
Shifting the horizontal position of the heat sink by only 2-3 km can significantly influence vortex intensity by altering both the angular momentum generation and the buoyancy of the angular momentum-rich air.
Angular momentum is a force that all rotating objects have, and for any given object or system, its angular momentum remains constant unless an external factor affects it.
The advantage of the symmetric energy momentum tensor is that the angular momentum calculated from [[THETA].
In turn angular momentum is the sum of local and remote angular momenta of the body segments.
The change of angular momentum of the motor vehicle relative to the longitudinal axis during a time dt can be represented as the difference of the angular momentums of mass during a time dt:
Error is estimated in terms of global error in the position and velocity, and the relative error in energy and angular momentum.
While the Einstein energy-momentum complex offers the important feature that conservation laws are well defined for both energy and momentum, it has the disadvantage of being asymmetric in its indices, making it difficult to define a conserved angular momentum.
Chapters consider the basics physics involved in concepts of symmetry, balance, and angular momentum and discuss how they relate to animal cycles and behavior.
The effects of geophysical excitations in nutation are caused by quasi-diurnal changes of angular momentum functions of the atmosphere and oceans, expressed in terrestrial frame.
The 68 papers cover ingredients for solar models; chemical stratification in the sun and stars' excitation and damping properties of oscillations; new observational findings on main sequence, red giant, and compact stars; angular momentum transport: evolution of the solar and stellar internal rotation; shocks and turbulence; solar and stellar activity; the impact of seismic investigation on solar and stellar physics; new data, directions, and techniques for asteroseismology; and the development of the theory of stellar oscillation.
Through the emission of gravitational radiation, the binary loses angular momentum, which causes the binary orbit to shrink.