angular momentum

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the product of the momentum of a rotating body and its distance from the axis of rotation

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Peak angular momentum of the upper body around the vertical axis increased from the single to the quadruple pirouettes.
There is a recent paper [4] that considers the total angular momentum deficit (AMD) of multi-planetary systems with the proposal that the AMD is a way to classify their predicted stability.
Using the angular momentum of tracers is better than using their positions and velocities because of their different physical properties.
This transfer of angular momentum causes the orbits not only to enlarge but also to circularize, morphing from being eccentric, or football-shaped, to perfect circles.
The angular momentum of the mode is calculated as L[??], where [??] is the Planck constant and L is called the mode number [2].
The DKP equation with energy [E.sub.n,J], total angular momentum centrifugal term, and the mass m of the particle is given as follows [17-22]:
The ability of twisted photons to carry additional information means that optical angular momentum has the potential to create much higher-bandwidth communications technology.
Pierce, "Origins and demonstrations of electrons with orbital angular momentum," Phil.
'A complete, working optical angular momentum communications system capable of transmitting data wirelessly across free space has the potential to transform online access for developing countries, defense systems and cities around the world,' said Dr.
A tornado-like vortex develops if cool air that previously passed through the heat sink--this air acquires large angular momentum about a vertical axis near the surface--can be converged.
Planet Nine's angular momentum is having an outsized impact on the solar system based on its location and size.
Vortex beam is a structured light beam that can carry orbital angular momentum (OAM) and possess helical phase-front.
We believe that this technique also offers an opportunity to design nanotubes with variable cross-section radii, in which the spatial separation of the classical paths corresponding to the states with different angular momentum may be controlled by means of external fields.
Still, the research could help scientists understand the spin-orbit interaction, the interplay between a proton's angular momentum in its orbital and its intrinsic angular momentum, or spin.
Whereas net forces are calculated by obtaining the second derivative of CM position, net torques are derived from angular momentum. In turn angular momentum is the sum of local and remote angular momenta of the body segments.