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Results showed that stimulation to the left angular gyrus resulted in a faster comprehension of meaningful relative to non-meaningful word pairs when compared with both sham and right angular gyrus stimulation.
Although there is still a good deal of research to be done, it is becoming clear that the angular gyrus, located towards the rear of the brain, is a key area in understanding more about dyslexia.
One brain region that has been implicated repeatedly in dyslexia is the inferior parietal lobule, a complex region that includes the parietal operculum (supramarginal gyrus, angular gyrus, and planum parietale).
The supramarginal gyms and the angular gyrus, located in the posterior portion of the LH, are assumed to be responsible for the ability to read.
Tang and colleagues [97] studied the default mode network (DMN) in patients with early-onset schizophrenia (12 to 19 years old); they found increased functional connection between the ventromedial prefrontal lobe and the right inferior temporal gyrus, left angular gyrus, and dorsomedial prefrontal lobe, but decreased functional connection between the right angular gyrus and the cerebellar tonsil, left superior frontal gyrus and right inferior semilunar lobule.
They found that voice-face recognition activated specific "cross-modal" regions of the brain, located in areas known as the left angular gyrus and the right hippocampus.
The right angular gyrus showed no language-related activity in 11 individuals who had attained sign language proficiency as young adults, the researchers report.
1999) have identified the left angular gyrus as the most probable site of a functional lesion in dyslexia and suggested that greater reliance on this region normally facilitates reading, but impairs reading in dyslexia.
Earlier studies [23] using the statistical parametric mapping (SPM) software for data analysis found that compared to the cerebellum (the reference), patients with OCD showed changes in blood flow in the precuneus, left superior temporal gyrus, right superior gyri orbitales, bilateral superior frontal gyrus, and left superior parietal lobule; when compared to the whole brain region, these patients showed changes in blood perfusion in the bilateral precuneus, right cuneus, right temporal gyrus, left superior temporal gyrus, bilateral superior fontal gyrus, superior gyri orbitales, left superior parietal lobule, left frontal cingulate, bilateral putamina, right angular gyrus, and right cerebellum.
Wernicke's area (W) and surrounding areas, including angular gyrus (AG) and supramarginal gyrus (SG), are heteromodal areas that may be responsible for the integration of spoken and written word forms with arbitrary associations that give rise to meaning or semantics (Mesulam, 1998; Pugh et al.
He's especially interested in the angular gyrus, a structure important to decision making.
Particularly important were the connections to and from an area of the brain known as the angular gyrus.