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inflammation and cracking of the skin of the lips

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of Patients 1 Oral candidosis 45 2 Pigmentation 5 3 Glossitis 3 4 Angular cheilitis (nutritional) 2 5 Herpetic stomatitis 2 6 Aphthous stomatitis/ulcers 1 7 Oral lichen planus 1 8 Stevens - Johnson syndrome 1 Total 65 Table 8: Sexually Transmitted Infections Sl.
4 Table 2 Relationship between clinical manifestation of B12 deficit and geriatric syndromes Clinical manifestation of B12 deficit Geriatric syndrome Hematological: Megaloblastic anemia Anergy Pancytopenia Neurological: Sub-acute combined Dizziness, syncope degeneration of spine Polyneuropathies Falls Cerebral syndromes Frailty Optic neuropathy Functional decline Cerebrovascular disease Failure to thrive Gastrointestinal: Diarrhea Anorexia of aging Weight loss Cachexy Protein-energy malnutrition Skin and mucosa: Hunter's glossitis Mucocutaneous ulcers Angular cheilitis Cardiovascular: Atherosclerosis Dizziness Coronary disease Syncope (hyperhomocysteinemia) Venous thromboembolism Falls Psychiatric: Dementia Cognitive decline Falls Frailty
These include diffuse swelling of the lips and cheeks, cobblestone mucosa with fissuring and hyperplastic folds, mucosal tags, aphthous or linear non-healing ulcers, angular cheilitis, granular gingivitis and glossitis related to haematinic deficiency [Wiesenfeld et al.
There are several causes - the posh terms for which are angular stomatitis, perleche and angular cheilitis.
Less commonly, persons may present with acute atrophic candidiasis or chronic hyperplastic candidiasis involving the tongue, or angular cheilitis (Arendorf et al.
On the other hand, if oral candidiasis is left untreated, it could lead to acute pseudomembranous candidiasis (thrush), erythematous lesions (denture stomatitis), or angular cheilitis.
Dermatological abnormalities were pallor (100%), atrophic glossitis (81%), angular cheilitis (60%), koilonychia (33%), tinyblue sclera (30%), thinning hair (29%), thinning nails (29%); 75% of the cases were determined as having severe anemia.
There is some evidence demonstrating that antifungals effectively treat angular cheilitis.
He said it's called angular cheilitis and is more common in older people.
They may also exhibit angular cheilitis, glossitis, weight loss, and depression.
The signs of clinical candidiasis usually include white pseudomembraneous plaques and patches (thrush), erythematous lesions or occasionally angular cheilitis.
They include traumatic ulcers, denture stomatitis, denture irritation hyperplasia, angular cheilitis, flabby ridges, and oral carcinomas.
Angular cheilitis, hoarseness, follicular keratosis may be present in both types,
B12 deficiency presents with glossopyrosis (unexplained pain of tongue), stomatitis, candidosis, dysplasia, angular cheilitis and recurrent aphthous ulcers.