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inflammation and cracking of the skin of the lips

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B12 deficiency presents with glossopyrosis (unexplained pain of tongue), stomatitis, candidosis, dysplasia, angular cheilitis and recurrent aphthous ulcers.
These include diffuse swelling of the lips and cheeks, cobblestone mucosa with fissuring and hyperplastic folds, mucosal tags, aphthous or linear non-healing ulcers, angular cheilitis, granular gingivitis and glossitis related to haematinic deficiency [Wiesenfeld et al.
There are several causes - the posh terms for which are angular stomatitis, perleche and angular cheilitis.
Less commonly, persons may present with acute atrophic candidiasis or chronic hyperplastic candidiasis involving the tongue, or angular cheilitis (Arendorf et al.
He said it's called angular cheilitis and is more common in older people.