angular artery

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the terminal branch of the facial artery

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Main observation outcomes: location of LSC, range, relationships with the surrounding tissues, internal echo and echo type, angular artery imaging, vertical distances from the angular artery to the medial canthus and skin, trans diameter of angular artery.
(Figures 1 and 3): one at the bifurcation of the inferior trunk and the middle trunk (angular artery) (AN5) and one at the bifurcation of the middle trunk (angular artery) and the superior trunk (AN6).
* The flap should include larger pedicle vessels (axial branch of the angular artery) to help ensure its survival.
* Angular Artery: The angular artery is a significant terminal branch of the anterior or middle trunk of the MCA.
When bony stock is desired for the reconstruction, dissection should include the angular artery. (16,17) This vessel most commonly arises from the thoracodorsal artery (16) and may originate from the serratus anterior muscular branch.