angular acceleration

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(physics) the rate of change of the angular velocity of a rotating body

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During the turns, you must accelerate the ball by tangential acceleration and angular acceleration.
The purpose of our study was to evaluate the cortical distribution of vestibular evoked potentials (VestEP) elicited by short-duration angular accelerations in humans.
The angular acceleration is induced by the thrust imbalance (Roshanian and Talebi 2008).
B] stands for the pedestrian's square angular acceleration coefficients matrix;
The angular acceleration, angular velocity of attack and the angle of attack for the distal part of the fin;
For making the solving easier, the authors considered the case in which the terms containing the angular acceleration [epsilon] are negligeable and the angular speed varies linearly:
A body's mechanical stability is its resistance to both linear and angular acceleration.
Thus, the implementation of angular acceleration control circuit is an optimal solution.
The 34 conversions possible are: time, mass, area, volume, temperature, length, angle, angular velocity, angular acceleration, velocity, acceleration, density, force, power, energy, pressure, torque, electric capacitance, electric charge, electric current, electric inductance, electric field strength, electric potential, electric resistance, electric conductance, magnetic flux, magnetic field strength, luminance, luminous intensity, viscosity dynamic, viscosity kinetic, thermal conductivity, thermal heat capacity, and volume flow.
Effect of force gives the object linear and angular acceleration with respect to the mass and weight distribution, and thereby causes a change in velocity of the object.
Among the methods described there are: a torsion balance where the gravitational torque is balanced by an electrostatic torque produced by an electrometer; a torsion-strip balance where the fibre is substituted by a strip; a dynamic method based on a rotating torsion pendulum with angular acceleration feedback; a free fall method where the determination of G depends on changes in acceleration of the falling object, etc.
The cast iron carrier feet, subjected to constantly changing angular acceleration force, were further plagued by 300 to 400 pounds (1,335 to 1,780 Newtons) of force exerted by the cantilevered supply packages.
2](x,t)--transverse displacement; [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] instantaneous absolute angular velocity of (P') marker with respect to (E), the exterior marker; [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] instantaneous absolute angular acceleration of (P') marker with respect to (E), the exterior marker; [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] the A pair velocity with respect to (E), the exterior marker; [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]--the A pair acceleration with respect to (E), the exterior marker.
2) Shaking of the infant results in angular acceleration and deceleration shear forces that may tear the cortical bridging veins, resulting in SAH or SDH.
The system then analyzes these oar strokes to determine rowing performance for each athlete, including stroke length, drive time (when blade is in the water), recovery time (when blade is out of the water), wasted catch and wasted finish (at start or finish of stroke, when blade is in the water but not propelling the boat), instantaneous power, total power, total work, effective torque, effective power, percent of effectiveness, stroke-to-stroke consistency, angular velocity, and angular acceleration.