anguid lizard

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any of a small family of lizards widely distributed in warm areas

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Two of the authors of the present paper (Savage and Lips, 1993) reviewed the status of the living genera of anguid lizards placed in the subfamily Diploglossinae and described two new species, Celestus hylaius and C.
Molecular phylogenetics, tRNA evolution, and historical biogeography in anguid lizards and related taxonomic families.
In anguid lizards (Barisia and Elgaria), sexual dimorphism is present in size of the head and body (i.e., snout-vent length; Vial and Stewart, 1989; Rutherford, 2004; McBrayer and Anderson, 2007).
The manifestation and significance of sexual dimorphism in anguid lizards: a case study of Barisia monticola.
Anguid Lizards of the genus Abronia: Revisionary notes, descriptions of four new species, a phylogenetic analysis, and a key.
This extended period of spermiogenesis that included spring, summer and autumn differed from other North American anguid lizards like Elgaria kingii which produce sperm in autumn (Goldberg 1975) or E.
With approximately 26 species of anguid lizards in Mexico (Flores Villela & Gerez 1994) additional studies on other species of this family will be needed before the reproductive biology of this group of lizards will be more fully understood.