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a metric unit of length equal to one ten billionth of a meter (or 0.0001 micron)

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"I would like to thank Sun Chemical for believing in Joules Angstrom and including us as a part of their acquired family," Carlisle said.
Also, a new entrance to the Angstrom Laboratory will be built in the main building together with a reception, student services, meeting areas, cafes, a library, an atrium and an auditorium.
In late March, the facility marked its first milestone with beam acceleration to 8GeV and spontaneous X-rays of 0.8 Angstroms.
For example, when using the FAO 56 Penman estimation method (Allen., 1998), use of Angstrom values calibration is recommended.
THE ANGSTROMS were not one of the area's biggest bands, indeed their very name is a microscopic measurement usually applied to atoms.
Is Harry "Rabbit" Angstrom an American Adam, a hero who questions the relation of an individual to the society, a lonely man who, according to R.W.B.
Sample B1 had the smallest primary particle size followed by sample B3, with [R.sub.g] values of 96.6 Angstrom for sample B1 and 108 Angstrom for B3.
The model assumes fulfilment of the Angstrom formula for the description of spectral variations of aerosol optical thicknesses, AOT[lambda]:
Angstrom, a five-year old company aiming to develop commercial micro fuel cells and bring energy density systems to the portable electronic device market, received the funding through an agreement with an investment consortium headed by VantagePoint Venture Partners.
A 14-page glossary simplifies such terms as angstrom, wormhole, and PET scanner.
A record breaking resolution of 0.8 angstrom was achieved with their newly developed 200 kV field-emission UHRTEM, equipped with electron optical components for aberration correction, electron beam mono-chromatization, and energy filtered imaging, partly co-developed with CEOS GmbH, Heidelberg.
At least since his 1998 show at Dallas's Angstrom Gallery, Erick Swenson has pursued a level of presentation and craftsmanship so exacting that it might attract phone calls equally from museum curators and from Hollywood special-effects technicians.
Imation is addressing the challenge of building terabyte-class tape with its new Tera Angstrom Technology, a proprietary metal particulate advanced formulation and manufacturing process to develop magnetic media that leads to uniform surface smoothness and higher SNR, and therefore enables the higher capacity and transfer rates required for future tape storage products.
Randy Moffat, vice president of sales and marketing for Angstrom Inc., Belleville, Mich., says recyclers should first consider capability when shopping for analyzers.